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Will you be developing new track calibrations?2019-05-06T23:57:15-04:00

When I complete the calibrations for the masses, I intend on looking into track calibrations.  I have no doubt I can make them 100% better, but the logistics might be a bit daunting.

I currently track my car but would like a new tour mode.2019-05-06T23:57:14-04:00

The ZR1 and Grand Sport are the only car I have been able to create a new tour mode while leaving the current Sport/Track mode unchanged.  Those calibrations will be available.  This new Tour mode will not be as good as the Tour mode included with the New Tour/New Sport because there are several shared algorithms shared between Tour and Sport.  In order to keep the current Sport (Track) mode transparent, I could not change those algorithms and thus have to create a tour mode using the current values.

What exactly are you offering? New shocks or some sort of software upgrade to change the “tuning” on the shocks?2019-05-06T23:57:14-04:00

The upgrades are software/calibrations only.  The MRC calibration has so much authority.  The revised tuning philosophy will be a greater improvement than any hardware changes.

Does your upgrade work on all C6 Corvettes2019-05-06T23:57:14-04:00

The new upgrades will be available for all 2009 to 2013 Corvettes equipped with Magnetic Ride Control

What about MRC upgrades for 2008 and earlier cars?2019-05-06T23:57:14-04:00

2008 and before 6th generation cars have a different controller with a different connector, and thus completely different wiring and software.

What happens if I am unhappy with your MRC calibrations? Can I go back to the stock calibrations?2019-05-06T23:57:14-04:00

Although highly unlikely, Yes, absolutely, at no charge if you request the original calibration within 2 weeks.  If I travel to flash the controller personally or if it is flashed at an event like Corvettes of Carlisle or the NCM Caravan, the stock calibration will be returned in a new controller.  It would be your responsibility to install the controller and return the one removed from your vehicle.

Can I get extra modes on my MRC control with your upgrade?2019-05-06T23:57:14-04:00

No the C6 only has 2 modes

What’s the difference between your MRC calibration upgrades and other “MRC tuning” offerings?2019-05-06T23:57:14-04:00

There are no other MRC tunings offered.  There is 1 company offering a new controller and software to tune it yourself.  The cost, I believe is north of $1,200. If you want a plug and play with as much attention to detail possible, I would recommend trying my offerings.  There is no risk.

How much does your MRC upgrade cost?2019-05-06T23:57:30-04:00

$325 plus shipping (if necessary)

Will the calibration upgrade reduce the durability and longevity of my MRC shocks?2019-05-06T23:57:14-04:00

No it will not affect it at all.

Will you offer volume discounts on the MRC Calibration upgrade?2019-05-06T23:57:48-04:00

I feel strongly the asking price is very fair, no probably not.

When will the MRC upgrades be available?2019-05-06T23:57:14-04:00

I am diligently working to have everything complete and in order for a mid-summer completion.  I have committed to be at both Corvettes at Carlisle as well as the Caravan to supply them.

Can I retrofit MRC into a non MRC car2019-05-06T23:57:14-04:00

Back in my GM days it has been done, but extensive wiring as well as re-programming every controller in the car would be required.

I know your calibrations do not have a new track mode, what about autocross?2019-05-06T23:57:14-04:00

This is a tricky one.  My question would be if you feel your car is appropriately damped for the autocross.  If yes, I would recommend staying with your current calibration (except Grand Sport and ZR1).  If you feel there is too much damping, I would recommend trying the new calibration.

Can my local mechanic or Chevy dealer install your MRC calibration upgrade?2019-05-06T23:57:14-04:00

Your mechanic or dealer can’t flash the software, but if you choose the controller exchange program, they can absolutely install the new controller.

Are you the guy who drives the Corvettes on the Nürburgring on YouTube?2019-05-06T23:57:14-04:00

Yes.  And for the record every car I drove for time on the Nürburgring was equipped with Magnetic Ride Control!

Will you be at Carlisle or the Caravan2019-05-06T23:57:14-04:00

I plan on being at both.  I will be posting notifications soon to schedule owners for updates.

Does your upgrade void my warranty?2019-05-06T23:57:14-04:00

Even though there is nothing in the software that should void the warranty, if a dealer read the controller and did not find the production part numbers, I suspect it would void the warranty.


Last year I purchased a C6 Grand Sport convertible.  I bought the car in Texas and drove it back to Michigan.  In the fall of 2018, Jim asked if he could upgrade my car to get my thoughts. The transformation is unbelievable! The pleasure of driving the car in either tour or sport can’t be understated.  On my drive back from Texas I never put it in sport.  Now I do almost all my driving in sport. If I just want a nice cruising car, tour is perfect.  In both tour and sport, the car just glides over the bumps that used to beat me up bad.  Also, I noticed how much better the steering is, which surprised me.  Now I can’t imagine driving the car without the new programs. Read More Testimonials ->

Mike, 2011 Grand Sport Convertible

After a total of 10 hours of seat time.  In both tour and sport. Mix of freeway 55-90mph with hours rural backroad and small-town slow driving. I like this new cal so much. Both tour and sport absorb the bumps very very nicely and are still stable and composed.  Everyone will notice a considerable difference. Read More Testimonials ->

Ross W, 2011 Grand Sport Coupe

Jim come to my house to put the calibration in my 2010 ZR1. When I bought the car, I had to drive it back from Texas to Michigan. 18 hours on the road was a bit of a headache. The car was a blast except for hitting potholes, railroad tracks, and impacts in general. Since the calibration, my car drives and handles 100x better. The impacts seem to be non-existent. Going over railroad tracks are a breeze and the sport mode is a true sport mode now. I’m amazed every time I take out my car. Love every bit of my new calibration. Read More Testimonials ->

Josh H, 2010 ZR1

The ride and handling for both modes is a dramatic improvement. As soon as I left Jim’s house in tour mode, I instantly felt a more “modern” feel to the car. Very comfortable now and yet more the handling is more responsive. I do not feel the hard rebound over larger bumps. It doesn’t pound my dash when I go over railroad tracks like it used to. I feel that there is more steering response at lower speeds and of course at high speeds.

When I put it into sport mode, I feel a good difference. Now I feel a nice transition between tour to sport. Before the upgrade, I never put it in sport unless I was showing my friends how harsh it was. I am driving it in sport mode more often now. The ride is so much better as well as the cornering.  I want to say it feels like a new stab bars were installed. It’s that much more balanced through the corners. Read More Testimonials ->

Blake L, 2009 ZR1

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the driving improvement. Drove over 250 miles yesterday. I am no expert but would say the car feels much more stable, planted, kind of hard to describe but driving over rough pavement sections has a sense that the suspension is working much more refined. These are really nice cars and your program just adds to the experience. Read More Testimonials ->

Galen C, 2012 Grand Sport

On a regular basis, I’m on roads with rough, heavily-worn asphalt, pot holes, sections of cracked and broken-up pavement and fragmented road edges. For around-town driving, I have MR set in the “Tour” mode and with Jim’s MR cal the car gets over all those crappy road surfaces with a bit more comfortable ride. On roads which are in better condition, but with bumps and heaves, the ride seems more controlled.

When hammering my ZO6 through the twisties in the mountains near my home–State Route 33 from Oaji, California over to where joins with SR166 is a favorite of mine–I put MR in “Sport” mode. With the Mero-calibrated “Sport”, when driving over high-frequency, low-amplitude chatter bumps, ripples, cracked pavement and stuff like that, I don’t feel those disturbances quite as much. Also, Sport, with a Mero MR cal, seems more appropriately-damped in that kind of driving than did Sport with the stock MR cal. Lastly, the car’s response to steering input, especially in an autocross movement or an emergency evasive maneuver seems different. The best way I can describe this situation is that steering is more “crisp”–for lack of a better word.

In short, I was impressed with Jim Mero’s C6 MagnaRide calibration, not only because of the improvements discussed above, but because his stuff is for “real world” driving and not specific to track use. Read More Testimonials ->

Hib Halverson, 2012 Z06/Z07

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