C6 And C7 Corvette Testimonials For Jim’s MRC Calibration Upgrades

The first testimonials are from the C6 owners, so far 100% satisfaction. The remaining are from the C7 community.  The 6th generation improvements are as good or better than the 7th generation Corvette.

Jason M – 2011 ZR1

Jim, thank you. I cannot overstate what a difference the upgrade did with my ZR1. I am beyond amazed with the improvement it made. Thank you again and it was an honor to meet you today!

Craig F 2013 Grand Sport

I went to Carlisle yesterday and had Jim do his upgrade on my 2013 Grand Sport Coupe with the 6-speed manual and dry sump.

I could tell a difference as soon as I headed home from Carlisle, Pa. to Baltimore, Md.

My route was basically a two-lane road for about 60 miles, that varies from 25 mph while passing through several small towns with bumpy roads, to stretches of 55 mph smooth up-and-down winding mountain passes. It’s a fun drive, and there were lots of Corvettes driving to and from Carlisle.

What I noticed was my Tour setting, which always seemed comfortable but maybe too floaty and leaning for a Corvette, now feels appropriately controlled, but by no means uncomfortable. I’ve only driven those 60 miles, but it seems now to be about perfect for daily driving.

My Sport setting, on the other hand, usually seemed really stiff . . . . I did use it when I was on back roads driving quickly and again it bothered me as too stiff.

Sometimes I wish there was a setting in the middle of the factory Tour and Sport modes. That seems to be exactly what Jim gave me . . . two new settings, both in the middle of the original factory settings.

And I do not track the car so I doubt I will ever miss the original factory Sport setting.

I bought my car new and searched for a 2013 Grand Sport specifically with the F55 suspension. I have intentionally kept my car completely stock . . .so doing this reprogram was my first and only modification. I have absolutely no regrets . . . the suspension is clearly improved.

If you’ve got a C6 with the magnetic ride option I highly recommend Jim’s upgrade.


Bob D. 2009 ZR1

Jim, I put the unit in today, very noticeable upgrade. The tour setting is significantly more compliant and feels much more under control. Bumps that would usually unsettle the suspension don’t have that issue anymore. The sport version was also very good.  My wife wants one for the convertible pronto. Thanks, Bob


Rob W – 2013 ZR1

Just picked my 2013 ZR1 up from having the Jim Mero Vehicle Dynamics MRC upgrade. I did the controller exchange program and have already shipped my original controller back to Jim.

I went with the New Tour/New Super Sport combination. The difference in New Tour and the original Tour mode is night & day. I’ve driven it over some really rough roads (we have a lot of them in Tulsa) and ride improvement is substantial. So far, I’m very happy with the purchase.

Norby Dippold – 2011 Grand Sport – New Tour/New Sport

Well after a 1370-mile road trip with the changes in place on some of the most ugly highways (I69 MI) in America I am convinced that this is one of the best changes that I have made to my 2011 C6 GS. In Tour mode those highway bumps/jars seemed to go away, the car was more stable and easier to drive hence more fun to drive. There was less slap over those tar strips on the highway and the car seemed less noisy inside. The GS feels happier now and I am much happier now.  This is the way the C6 GS should have come!   Jim, I owe you a great deal of thanks as you made driving my C6 GS much more fun!


Much better ride quality

Stable and planted

Gives you greater confidence


Easier to drive

More fun to drive

Matt D, 2009 Base C6 with MRC New Tour/ Super Sport

In both the new “Touring” and “Sport” I feel like I am now more in tune with the Vette. I have never really felt like I had control of the car before due to the stiffness and firmness of the ride. I really didn’t enjoy spirited driving through the mountain roads or canyons (even though I tried). Now I feel really “In-Tune” with my Vette. I have much better control and I get improved feedback. It feels like it hugs the corners and doesn’t want to skip around.  The steering is much better in both modes as well.

On the freeways and streets, the ride is so much smoother, it feels like the Vette glides over simpler bumps and does not exaggerate them. In both “Touring” and “Sport” modes, on larger bumps the impact isolation is much better.

You can definitely feel the difference in the steering between “Touring” and “Sport” modes. The “Sport” mode steering gives you a tighter responsive steering. When switching between the two settings, there is a significant difference in both the suspension and the steering.

Driving experience:

“Sport” mode feels a lot more like it squats into the turns, it feels like I have better control, almost as if I bought new stickier tires. To me, the rear is where I really felt a difference along with the steering through the Los Angeles Forest Highway (Mountain Road).

“Touring” mode now travels over bumps and dips and washboard type roads with ease. It feels smooth and more responsive. On the freeway, when I used to hit the bumps for the underpass, that would originally almost knock out the fillings in my teeth, it is now extremely less aggressive. The same goes for “Sport” mode as well.

I also now enjoy driving very spirited through Los Angeles Forest Highway (Mountain Road) in the “Touring” mode as well, it feels much more stable and it hugs the corners with ease and a smoothness like never before.

It’s a remarkable feeling to be in-tune with the Vette and have confidence when driving twisty roads as well as having an extremely comfortable ride in both the new mode settings.

Much thanks to Jim and taking his time to take care and consider the C6’s – Thank you!

Trey F, Rio Rancho, NM 2012 Grand Sport

I installed the module this evening. I have to say, it’s an impressive difference in the ride quality for normal city driving It’s a wonderful vehicle, and the ride is amazing now. Thank you very much. I am proud to have this in my car. Overall, it has improved with the update dramatically. Thank you again for the module and customer service. I am very happy.

JB, North Charleston, NC – ZR1

I too got my ZR1 Mag ride upgraded with the Jim Mero tune. I did the Controller exchange. He mailed it Friday and I got it today (Monday), right on time to do the install once I got home from work.

Thanks to his YouTube channel and the video on how to remove it, this was straight forward.

Before I made the mod, I took out the car to run an errand in order to get a fresh feel on how the car felt all stock. Once I got home, I did the install and took the car back out for a quick spin around the neighborhood where I know a couple of spots that usually rattle my teeth out.

Very pleased with the new tour/sport mode. The tour mode is excellent, it smoothed the car over regular bumps. When I switch to sport, I can feel the car tightening (if that make sense), but still, not as hard as the original setting (rattle you to death really in comparison).

I’m pleased with the results; this is what I was looking for.

Rest assured this was an easy transaction and a fairly easy install.

Bill (2013 Grand Sport Conv.) and Larry (2009 ZR1) who drove up from Indianapolis, IN

Both Larry and I are really happy with the upgrade along with the wives too! Neither of us really knew what to expect and are more than pleasantly surprised and certainly glad we did it. All I can say is that I noticed the change as I backed out of your garage as the tires rolled over the expansion strip and didn’t jolt as before.

In the drive afterwards to the motel we could feel the changed ride and after overnight the difference was fully felt by both drivers and riders. The Corvettes are now more compliant over rougher roads and just have a much better feel overall.  It really does make the Corvette more fun to drive. As I told Larry had the upgrade been available before the C7 came out there may have been less C6 owners giving theirs up.

Mike – 2011 Grand Sport Convertible.

Last year I purchased a C6 Grand Sport convertible.  I bought the car in Texas and drove it back to Michigan.  In the fall of 2018, Jim asked if he could upgrade my car to get my thoughts. The transformation is unbelievable! The pleasure of driving the car in either tour or sport can’t be understated.  On my drive back from Texas I never put it in sport.  Now I do almost all my driving in sport. If I just want a nice cruising car, tour is perfect.  In both tour and sport, the car just glides over the bumps that used to beat me up bad.  Also, I noticed how much better the steering is, which surprised me.  Now I can’t imagine driving the car without the new programs.

Ross W – 2011 Grand Sport Coupe

After a total of 10 hours of seat time.  In both tour and sport.

Mix of freeway 55-90mph with hours rural backroad and small-town slow driving. 

I like this new cal so much. Both tour and absorb the bumps very very nicely and are still stable and composed.  Everyone will notice a considerable difference.  

Josh H – 2010 ZR1

Jim come to my house to put the calibration in my 2010 ZR1. When I bought the car, I had to drive it back from Texas to Michigan. 18 hours on the road was a bit of a headache. The car was a blast except for hitting potholes, railroad tracks, and impacts in general. Since the calibration, my car drives and handles 100x better. The impacts seem to be non-existent. Going over railroad tracks are a breeze and the sport mode is a true sport mode now. I’m amazed every time I take out my car. Love every bit of my new calibration. 

Blake L – 2009 ZR1

The ride and handling for both modes is a dramatic improvement. As soon as I left Jim’s house in tour mode, I instantly felt a more “modern” feel to the car. Very comfortable now and yet more the handling is more responsive. I do not feel the hard rebound over larger bumps. It doesn’t pound my dash when I go over railroad tracks like it used to.

I feel that there is more steering response at lower speeds and of course at high speeds.

When I put it into sport mode, I feel a good difference. Now I feel a nice transition between tour to sport. Before the upgrade, I never put it in sport unless I was showing my friends how harsh it was. I am driving it in sport mode more often now. The ride is so much better as well as the cornering.  I want to say it feels like a new stab bars were installed. It’s that much more balanced through the corners.

Galen C – 2012 Grand Sport

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the driving improvement. Drove over 250 miles yesterday. I am no expert but would say the car feels much more stable, planted, kind of hard to describe but driving over rough pavement sections has a sense that the suspension is working much more refined. These are really nice cars and your program just adds to the experience.   Galen

Hib Halverson – 2012 Z06/Z07 

In driving my Z06/Z07 with Mero’s MagnaRide calibration, a couple of improvements I have noticed: first, I live in a town where the City Council doesn’t pay much attention to existing infrastructure. As a result, On a regular basis, I’m on roads with rough, heavily-worn asphalt, pot holes, sections of cracked and broken-up pavement and fragmented road edges. For around-town driving, I have MR set in the “Tour” mode and with Jim’s MR cal the car gets over all those crappy road surfaces with a bit more comfortable ride. On roads which are in better condition, but with bumps and heaves, the ride seems more controlled.

When hammering my ZO6 through the twisties in the mountains near my home–State Route 33 from Oaji, California over to where joins with SR166 is a favorite of mine–I put MR in “Sport” mode. With the Mero-calibrated “Sport”, when driving over high-frequency, low-amplitude chatter bumps, ripples, cracked pavement and stuff like that, I don’t feel those disturbances quite as much. Also, Sport, with a Mero MR cal, seems more appropriately-damped in that kind of driving than did Sport with the stock MR cal. Lastly, the car’s response to steering input, especially in an autocross movement or an emergency evasive maneuver seems different. It seems weird to me that a difference in how the MagnaRide dampers work can affect steering, but it does. Maybe Mero can explain why that is. In any event, the best way I can describe this situation is that steering is more “crisp”–for lack of a better word.

In short, I was impressed with Jim Mero’s C6 MagnaRide calibration, not only because of the improvements discussed above, but because hist stuff is for “real world” driving and not specific to track use.  Hib Halverson

Thousands of C7 customers have had Jim’s upgrades installed. The success of the C7 upgrades prompted Jim to develop upgrades for the C6’s. Here are a few of the reviews of the upgrades by the owners!

Corvette forum member: Chadrad

Add me to the list of those who are extremely happy with the mag ride update! I’m so pleased that I’m cancelling the order I placed for non-run flat Conti’s. My reason for switching to a non-run flat was purely for the improved ride. It feels like a different car since the upgrade. I prefer Sport Mode but the marginal roads around Central Indiana caused teeth chattering, even when I was in Tour Mode. It was so bad that I seriously considered getting rid of my beloved GS. It had gotten to the point that I was afraid to drive outside of my work commute route, where I was able to memorize and avoid the road hazards. These road hazards were no issue in any of my other vehicles and I would otherwise never have even called them road hazards, but for the GS. I love my car again!

Corvette forum member: Allen_B

Tour- Significant improvement in daily drivability, more “plush” with routine bumps better absorbed AND the car feeling more planted. This would seem counterintuitive when the words plush and planted being in the same sentence but that seems to be the case. While bumps and road imperfections are better dealt with, the car doesn’t seem floaty. In truth, the car seems more predictable in turns (i.e. off-ramps and the like) since the imperfections are better absorbed without upsetting the suspension. So far, this is the biggest improvement for me. Sport- Ride is less punishing on the road but the steering “seems” heavier than before as a positive. Feels more responsive in general (thinking due to steering), while not feeling “nervous” and “twitchy”. The Sport mode is more taught overall but at the same time more usable in routine driving…

Corvette forum member: Shinobi’sZ

In Tour mode the car felt like it skimmed over the bumps confidently absorbing the undulations and filled potholes and the steering felt perfect. SR 12 is an extremely bad road as it lies under the level of the levees and has expansive soil under the structural section of the road. It is almost like a roller coaster in some spots. So, it was easy to tell the difference between driving to the dealership and then from the dealership after the MRC update.

Corvette forum member: Checkmate1

Tour Mode – Plush and absorbs the bumps a lot better than stock. Road imperfections do not shake the car and make it hop anymore. Word here is ‘compliance’ with road information that trickles through. Sport Mode – Sport mode made the most difference for me. In Sport mode the chassis and damper are in perfect harmony. No disconnect. Verdict – Worth every penny. The key thing here is the Chassis and Damper are in sync in any mode. Thank you GM! This steering junkie loves his car more than ever before.

Corvette forum member: don7790

I just got back from a hundred-mile trip home, so I could tell if there is any change. Let me tell you it was like driving a new vehicle. For the first time I could leave it in sport mode on I90 in MA. The biggest difference was that I could drive on the interstate in sport mode without rattling my teeth out. All the bumps and cracks in the road have smoothed out and the steering has some real feel of the road. In tour mode it was smoother than my CTS. This upgrade has to be better for the vehicle not to be beat on from every bump in the road. I have paid for many improvements over the years for all of my vettes. But this was, by far, the best improvement. For those of you that haven’t felt any difference take it back to the dealer because something didn’t take. This is not a placebo effect, there is a big difference.

John De Long

Was it worth it? My goodness, I just got a new car! The first thing I noticed was that steering input was immediate and precise. The thumps were gone, same run flats so it is not tires. There was so much improvement that I actually went to the Sport Mode, something I almost never did before on the back roads, nor almost any road in Pennsylvania. It was great; I was actually enjoying the Sport Mode and kept it there for almost half our outing. I did some roads that I know well, so well that I have memorized the humps and road patches. I now have a Z-51 with all the added capabilities but with the pleasant ride of a base touring car. Conclusion, worth every penny.

Corvette forum member: Dellrose

The car now just feels much more stable and connected to the intent of my steering regardless of road condition. I put a lot of highway miles on mine and always felt I could never fully relax in touring over 80 mph. Not anymore! I pushed it in Sport and Track on some twisties a couple days ago and everything just seemed more planted and willing to take throttle. The steering input are without doing something unexpected as well. Well worth it guys….

Corvette forum member: Kracka

All I can say is “wow” when it comes to the comfort aspect! The car is now handling sharp impacts and rough roads better than it ever has! I intentionally drove it on a certain lane on a concrete road near my house that is frankly horrible from all the construction trucks driving on it. I will typically avoid it whenever possible. The improvement was night & day; the car stayed planted, felt smooth, and wasn’t jumping all over the road anymore.

Corvette forum member: Patches

I am so happy with the change in how the car feels now. I’ve had a few weeks of commuting to get the feel of the new calibration and it has made a big difference in the feel of the ride. The harshness over rough roads in Tour mode I used to cringe at is gone. The change in Sport mode is similarly improved. This is truly a significant change in the performance of the system and exactly what I was hoping for. Finally, a mag ride setup that can handle with composure most of the crappy road conditions I encounter here in SoCal.

Corvette forum member: mtaxman

The suspension tune upgrade has been great. So much more composed yet not out of character – its still a corvette. Very nice. Time and money well spent.

Corvette forum member: hcvone

Had this done to my 2017 Z06/Z07, the difference was like getting a new car. It went from bone jarring in sport mode to being able to drive the car on any road in sport mode. The were roads I would avoid because they would chip your teeth in tour mode. Now tour mode makes those roads feel like you are in a Caddy. The best 350 dollars I spent on the car to date.

Corvette forum member: Iclick

What I didn’t expect was immediate, instant-gratification. On my ride home I felt a noticeable change in ride quality in Tour mode.  This is all good because I now feel like I have two suspension options for the street (Tour and Sport) whereas I always left it in Tour (or Eco) before.

Corvette forum member: pkincy

On the 10 mile mostly freeway drive home from the dealer it did feel like the car was smoother in Tour. The car sat until today. Today I did my normal 40-mile round trip to the Club. I normally run in Tour because the route is really too rough to comfortably run in Sport. At about 10 miles or halfway there, the Tour setting had been so smooth that I switched to Sport. My butt o meter says that Sport is now more comfortable on normal roads at normal speeds than Tour was before the tune update. I ran in Sport all the way home and even tried to hit some of the manhole covers that I normally avoid, and the car is just simply much smoother. I am sold.

Corvette forum member: REPOED C7

I could tell the difference in the suspension calibration immediately. Sport mode took the bumps like the original Tour mode, and the new Tour mode was like driving on a cloud. The new Sport mode calibrations takes bumps like the old Tour mode. The new Tour mode is freaking awesome. There is no bounce when coming down the back side of a hump/bump. I was hoping to keep the car in Sport mode most of the time now, but the new Tour mode is too nice of a ride not to use during normal highway driving.

Corvette forum member: shadeshift

Touring mode is a vast improvement and feels perfect for cruising and regular driving. I never used Touring before because it felt like a base, non mag ride suspension, floaty without optimized damping. There are no more noticeable bouncy low frequency oscillations. They’re slowed way down during compression and the car settles softly. Overall ride stays very flat and compliant. It removed pretty much all high frequency bumps or rough road feel through the chassis. It has a very plush ride quality, if that makes sense. Cruise-a-licious indeed.  Sport mode feels slightly softer overall. It’s more noticeable in the rear end during acceleration. Overall ride quality is improved in that high frequency oscillations are a touch more dampened without removing too much road feel. The overall planted feel is very similar, but it feels more optimized for more general driving. I only used Sport mode before, but now leave it in Touring mode 90% of the time. Once I get into twisty sections I switch over to Sport as there is less deflection through the corner and reacts more quickly to bumps. It’s easier to control once your foot is down.

Corvette forum member: Formula52

I am one happy camper!!!! Like everyone else, well worth the $350. The car in tour seems much softer over bumps. In Sport mode it seems much more planted and steering gets nice and tight at highway speeds. Did an aggressive move on the highway and the car seemed like it was on rails. I highly recommend this upgrade.

Corvette forum member: Flo

I like a lot the new feeling it gives. The car is much better controlled, and the feedback from the road is better too. It’s really impressive as if it is a new car. No regret for having done.

Corvette forum member: javenius

Had my ’15 Z51 done a week ago now and the improvements were noticeable immediately. In my opinion, it is definitely worth it! I drive in tour primarily and the ride is definitely firmer (in a good way) yet smoother and is much more comfortable. The interstate concrete seams are much less noticeable. I have switched to Sport several times and the ride in sport is firmer yet smoother as well.

Corvette forum member:  gpotski

Just had my 2015 Z51 coupe upgraded, and the ride is much smoother. Sticks to the road better in Tour, and Sport is also absorbs road bumps better. Well worth the cost.

Corvette forum member: 2K14C7

Like others have stated it’s a little hard to explain exactly how the difference feels but there is less “jolt” on bumps and a smoother overall ride in Tour and Sport.

Corvette forum member: bufalobob

I live in ski country and some of the roads can be quite rough. Where I had to use touring I now use sport. Less harsh on potholes & washboard.

Corvette forum member: c54u

For me, the car feels better planted on the road and does not skip over imperfections giving it a more refined ride. The ride has noticeably smoothed out.

Corvette forum member: NicD

I was finally able to update my magnetic ride control with the latest GM performance calibration a few days back. Gone is the floaty feeling in Tour mode yet it is still nice and soft. Sport mode is still firm but absorbs the bumps in the road better. Overall, I can say that for me it was worth it.

Corvette forum member: dashotgun

My review of the difference is that tour is much smother, less hars,h and seems more precise. Sport is also less harsh, you still have good rood feel but it does not punish you to reveal the surface of the road. I have been flipping back and forth from tour to sport. I almost never drove in tour, but it is so damn comfortable now, may leave it in tour for general non sporty driving.

Corvette forum member: Puttnutt24

I felt the improved suspension as soon as I let the clutch out. I couldn’t be happier.

Corvette forum member: Asleep@thewheel

The new MRC update made it a different car. At slow speeds or in Tour mode it rides like my 5.0 Genesis. If you get fast, aggressive, or go to Sport/Track mode it feels like it turns even better. Make no mistake, I am not a pro driver, but this upgrade makes the car feel smoother when cruising and more precise when you push it.

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