“I don’t think I’ve ever seen an upgrade so unanimously approved/impressed by everyone who gets it done. I’ve yet to hear a single person say they were disappointed.”

Justin C

“I was a very huge skeptic of this upgrade. I almost called Jim the night before to cancel it. I am no longer a skeptic, I am a believer now. This car now has a world class suspension, it is amazing, it breaths a whole new life in to it.  This is not just the best bang for the money,  It will blow you away.

Levent E

“For the first time in my life, if it sounds to good to be true, it wasn’t!”

Mike D


Hundreds of C6’s have been upgraded and we are fortunate to continue to be at 100% satisfaction.

Testimonial Highlights2020-12-14T00:57:43-05:00


  • Again, unbelievable! I love the new super sport! How do you do it? It’s a completely new car. Blown away, just blown away.
  • Best money I ever spent on my ZR1 to date. Jim Mero’s mag ride update.
  • Boy, it is like driving a different car and what a fantastic improvement in the driving experience!
  • Both tour and sport glide over bumps, the body motions are much more balanced. Steering is more responsive. It’s still a Corvette but no more dash rattling over the bumps.
  • (new) I was skeptical when I first heard about the upgrade,  but no more. Awesome upgrade!
  • I now love my 2009 ZR1 even more. The MRC upgrade is simply awesome. 
  • I cannot overstate what a difference the upgrade did with my ZR1. I am beyond amazed with the improvement it made.
  • All around more comfortable and highly manageable when driving aggressively.
  • Within a couple of miles on very familiar roads, I knew that the New Tour setting brought a much higher level of composure and suppleness over bad pavement without any sort of marshmallow feel.
  • For a Corvette owner, this upgrade is like a blessing from the Pope or a guitar lesson from Hendrix.
  • Bumps in the road are now absorbed much, much better. Ride and handling is so much better.
  • The best upgrade I have done to this car.
  • Tour mode is fantastic, it rides like a new car. Super Sport is fantastic as well. Perfect cornering but great over the bumps.
  • I will be recommending this upgrade to all our clients with MRC
  • I noticed an immediate and impressive improvement in the way the car rode and handled over rough surfaces using the new calibrations.
  • Already we sense a wonderful difference! The Vette drives better than ever!
  • What an amazing difference. I noticed it as soon as I got out on SR-22
  • Honestly, if you’ve thought about this mod, go ahead and do it. For $325, I promise it’ll be the cheapest mod you make with the greatest results.
  • I can’t say enough about how dramatic the improvement in the ride quality of the car is.
  • The MRC upgrade is wonderful. The more I drive the GS the more I enjoy the feel of the ‘new’ car.
  • I have intentionally kept my car completely stock . . .so doing this reprogram was my first and only modification. I have absolutely no regrets . . . the suspension is clearly improved.
  • My ZR1 rides and behaves so much better. By far the best money I have ever spent on this car!!!
  • America I am convinced that this is one of the best changes that I have made to my 2011 C6 GS.
Corvette Forum Testimonials2024-04-27T21:21:57-04:00

Corvette Forum Threads-

The Corvette Forum is the largest forum in the world pertaining to Corvettes with almost 270,000 members.

Jim Mero MRC Upgrade – Corvette forum C6 General Discussion


Jim Mero MRC Upgrade – Corvette forum ZR1 and Z06 General Discussion


Mag Ride update by Jim Mero


Jim and Terri Mero hitting the road upgrading Magnetic Ride for 2009-13 C6 Corvettes


Jim Mero F55 upgrade in Minnesota!


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Jim Mero Mag ride upgrade


Jim Mero Magnetic Ride Tuning Module comments


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ZR1 Magnetic Ride Control Adjustment by Jim Mero


Thanks Jim Mero.!!


Jim Mero Vehicle Dynamics – MRC Upgrade


Jim Mero Mag ride upgrade/controller exchange


Thanks to Jim Mero I can enjoy Magnetic Ride Control


Jim Mero suspension calibration Wow


Jim Mero Vehicle Dynamics MRC Upgrade Review


Jim Mero ride control


ZR1 Testimonials2021-10-18T09:42:45-04:00

Testimonials from C6 ZR1 owners:

Steve Odian – 2009 ZR1

I just had the magnetic ride control software installed in my 2009 ZR1. The difference is incredible. I used to cringe when approaching bumpy roads. Even in touring mode it felt like the tires were bouncing off the road and the ride was eye popping.

That’s in the past now. Now in touring mode the car is much more planted, handles much better and the ride has been vastly improved.

I can’t say enough good things about this upgrade. It was well worth it.

Anyone with a C6 with magnetic ride control should consider getting this upgrade. You will not regret it!!

Mike J – 2013 ZR1

Oh my gosh Jim, what a difference! Shortly after your MRC upgrade, I traveled 18 miles north to La Grange, Texas. The New Tour setting took out the harshness of any bump or dip and the steering response was noticeably sharper. When I approached the bluff, I switched to the Super Sport setting, which allowed me to carve up the 6 turns of the bluff at a speed I didn’t think possible! I had so much fun, I ran it four times!

So with a smile on my face, I look forward to more spirited driving with my “new” ZR1. Thanks for breathing life into her!

Chris – 2012 ZR1

Had mine done 12/24/20. Definitely a noticeable improvement! Touring mode is much more comfortable to drive/ride. Super sport mode is a blast with excellent feel! Had a chance to test it out on the toll road and was definitely a marked improvement!

Drew P 2009 ZR1

night and day difference entirely!  it quite literally feels like a brand-new suspension was put in…the tour mode actually absorbs expansion gaps and lane reflectors.. i can feel sport now too! now Jim, thank you brother! drew

Evan G  – 2012 ZR1

Got the Mag Ride software updated by Jim Mero yesterday, and it was immediately noticeable. It doesn’t make the car ride like a Cadillac, but there’s a noticeable improvement in the ride in both Tour & Sport. In Tour, on rough roads with dips, bumps, broken pavement, patch jobs, etc, you’ll immediately be able to tell a difference as the car will absorb them much better. As to Sport mode, you can now use it. It honestly feels very similar to the new Tour mode on smooth streets, but you can tell the car is controlled better. You can now use Sport mode as your everyday driving mode. Overall the upgrade is very similar to what GM did on the C7 Mag Ride cars with their updated software.

I have a 2-lane backroad near my house that I drive constantly (use it as my primary route to avoid a major road that gets backed up). There are a lot of patch jobs (some not very good), rough spots, bumps, etc. With the stock tune and using Tour, you feel every one of them, and I would cringe when I hit some of them. With Jim’s tune on Tour, it’s almost like driving a perfectly smooth road. Most of the impacts just disappeared, and it let me enjoy driving the road much more. It also made the car more stable as many of these impacts occur mid-corner, and it used to upset the car causing me to have to make a steering correction. Now most of these impacts just don’t bother the car at all, and no longer need any steering adjustment.

If you’ve been thinking about doing it, don’t wait anymore and get it done. If you haven’t looked at it previously, you owe it to yourself to consider it. The GM Mag ride update was the best mod I did to my C7, and I’d say the same thing about Jim’s update to my ZR1.

Bruce B – 2012 ZR1

Got the MRC module installed and what a difference. You are still at 100 percent customer satisfaction. Thanks again for offering C6 owners a chance to have a comfortable ride and better handling.

Derrick D – 2013 ZR1

Jim came to Houston 23 Dec and I had my “13 Zr1 upgraded to his “Super Sport” trim. I had a 40 mile drive home and noticed the difference immediately! I always have in in “Sport mode” and feel every bump and expansion joint in town and Hwy. After the upgrade, the ride was more “refined” but yet still firm and didn’t get “jarred” all over the place! Dare I say smooth ride! It was time and money well spent! Kudos!

Ted A – 2010 ZR1

Best money I ever spent on my ZR1 to date. Jim Mero’s mag ride update.

Erik – 2009 ZR1

I live in Michigan and Jim and his wife were kind enough to meet my wife and I after work at his house and do the programming there. I really can’t overemphasize what a positive difference then new settings made for my 2009 ZR1. On Michigan roads, with our unpleasant winters, we have sizable potholes and extremely aggressive expansion joints. The ZR1 was almost undriveable on the highway in stock form. Jim’s calibration changed it so I could commute, weather permitting, every day. It really was a game changer. Thanks again, Jim.

Dustin B. – 2013 ZR1

Thank you Jim….The ride is much improved and comfortable now. I find myself using the new sport mode mostly during my drives, and I only catch myself using the new touring mode on a rough road. Overall, I am very pleased with the new mag ride suspension setup. My two current settings, tour and sport are vastly better than the factory ZR1 MCR settings- which felt like a bomb going off when hitting a bump or pothole in the road

Jay W. Panama, Central America – 2011 ZR1

Finally can have joyrides with the ZR1.   Car feels easier or nicer to drive, I can drive it a lot more now that does not feel like a race car suspension.  Now it feels like a sports car that you can drive and enjoy every day without feeling pain for every little bump on the road. So happy I can play with the car more often.   Thanks so much.

Jaron P – 2010 ZR1

Hi Jim, You’ve overwhelmed me with This MRC unit. I have changed/customized/replaced so many parts of my c6 ZR1. This is the best improvement I have done, and it’s not even close. I noticed the massive difference as soon as I got on the highway. If I listed the modifications, I have done it would look like the credits in a movie script. Again, unbelievable! I love the new super sport! How do you do it? It’s a completely new car. Blown away, just blown away.

Bob G – 2009 ZR1

I now love my 2009 ZR1 even more.  The MRC upgrade is simply awesome.  The steering has more feel and firmness just when needed, perfect.  The suspension is really a noticeable improvement.  More forgiving over the rough stuff yet the car settles in faster.  All around more comfortable and highly manageable when driving aggressively.  Way fewer “fall out clunks” going across overpasses and road bumps.  Thank you so much for the upgrade, love it!

Arnold – 2012 Centennial ZR1 – Upgraded at Charlotte

Jim, I had you do the upgrade to my 2012 Centennial ZR1 at the Rick Hendrick Corvette show in Charlotte. The ride back to Greenville, SC was remarkable. The car rode so much smoother. Before the upgrade you would cringe going over road construction areas. I am very happy with the upgrade.

Namala W – ZR1

I took the car out to get some pictures, just drove it around in tour mode. I was so shocked by the improvement in ride quality I ended up taking it for a long drive. I took the car over a route I know that is very bumpy with both rolling bumps and short harsh bumps. I really couldn’t believe how well the car completely eliminated the smaller bumps and was so composed over the longer bigger bumps. On larger bumps I’ve always felt the rear of a C6 would pop up and “hang” a brief moment longer than the front of the car. Your calibration removes that sensation entirely. Both Steve and I like to go on long road trips south to Nevada and California, typically 8-10 hours a day behind the wheel. I thought to myself that this was the perfect calibration for a trip like that as the car was so comfortable, I actually felt I would prefer to do a long trip in this car over a CTS-V2 or CTS-V3. I will be recommending this upgrade to all our clients with MRC

Ed H – ZR1 – Upgraded at the NCM Caravan

Thank you for doing the upgrade to my ZR1. I noticed an immediate and impressive improvement in the way the car rode and handled over rough surfaces using the new calibrations.  During my 5000 Km ride back to Edmonton, Alberta, over many types of roads I found the car was no longer jarring and shaking the car to bits at every imperfection as it was doing prior to the upgrade.  Changes in road height, such as at the joints at highway interchanges and railway tracks, are much more pleasant to traverse. I found myself enjoying the ride rather than hanging on for dear life. These C6s can actually ride like a car, not a wagon! This would be for a great upgrade to the new owner should I ever decide to sell the car. However, with the new settings I may just hang on to it for a while longer!

Mike P – 2011 ZR1 – Upgraded at Carlisle

Hello all.!! Wanted to give a shout out and a BIG “Thanks.!!” to Jim and his wife Terri.!! Ran into them at Carlisle this weekend and did Jim’s MRC upgrade on my ZR1. Man, what a difference it made with the car, a buddy of mine had it done on his as well and had the same opinion.!! I honestly felt the difference leaving their tent, going back to where we parked.

Then on the way back to the hotel, highway speeds, the car just absorbed the road beautifully.!! This is with hard, stock, 9 year old tires too.! I did 870+ miles on the way home Sunday, the car was simply a pleasure to drive…it’s gonna make me buy new tires though.!!

Honestly, if you’ve thought about this mod, go ahead and do it. For $325, I promise it’ll be the cheapest mod you make with the greatest results. Worst thing that happens, Jim puts you back to stock and gives you your money back.!!

Thanks again Jim and Terri.!! It was a pleasure speaking with you guys and truly love my upgrade.!!

Mike P.

Sean A – 2011 ZR1 – upgraded at Carlisle

I can’t say enough about how dramatic the improvement in the ride quality of the car is.  The new tour setting is super smooth and stable which makes for a great grand touring setting.  The super sport setting is very firm but still much more composed that the old sport/track setting – in some high speed turns the car is very flat and I can feel the rear planting on power.  I can’t wait to try it on the HPD event in October.  Thanks Sean

Mark W – Carnon, France – ZR1

I have received your controller. Thank you so much!! We have changed the original with yours, and the result is phenomenal!! Cornering is like with my C7 Grand Sport, nothing to do with the standard. There is à ‘’special corner’’ leaving the High way, to my home, he is 270° twisted, and only one line (very narrow, absolutely no space, if you slip you are going directly into the barriers) à real challenge to go fast here, without breaking the car.   This corner my personal record with the Micheline PS4 and the standard calculator was 0,98 G. (alone in the car) The first time I tried your calculator with Micheline PS4 (two in the car – The tuner and me) 1,10 G ! I am really happy. Thank you so much Sir, hope to get your news. With all my respect and all my friendship, Mark

Chris Z – 2010 ZR1 – upgraded at Carlisle

It was great meeting Jim and his wife at the 2019 Corvettes at Carlisle. I asked Jim to perform the software modification for my Magnetic ride suspension which was – New Tour and New Sport mode – on my 2010 ZR1.

Prior to the upgrade, I could not tell the difference between the stock two modes and often thought, “Is the mag ride working?”.

After Jim performed the upgrade, the New Tour and New Sport mode was noticeably different.

The NEW Tour mode made the car feel like I was gliding over the road with less side to side roll, which was noticed prior to the modification. The small bumps, and annoying road cracks are all but gone in this mode. We drove the car home in tour mode for 200 miles and loved it.

The next day I took to car out to check out the New Sport mode. All, I can see is I was grinning ear to ear in this New Sport mode. Prior to the upgrade, I rarely ever used the sport mode, since I could not feel a noticeable difference from tour. Now the car is really fun to drive. In this mode, the car feels dialed in when taking hard corners at speed. I felt more connected to the car, and the car feels more predictable. I absolutely love this mode and is now my favorite mode when driving.

Thank Jim!



Mark M – 2011 ZR1 Programmed at the NCM Caravan

Jim Mero thanks again, absolutely love the new Magnetic Ride Control upgrade, my ZR1 rides and behaves so much better. By far the best money I have ever spent on this car!!! Highly recommend to any C6 owners with MRC. We made its back to Southeast Texas so I’ve put about 1000 miles on the new MRC calibration upgrades and all I can say is WOW they are absolutely fantastic, the jarring harshness on rough surfaces is gone, the car seems much more planted. Thanks again for greatly improving my suspension and the time you gave us just talking.

Lawrence C  – 2009 ZR1 – Upgraded at the Caravan

It was A Pleasure meeting you and getting the MRC Upgrade Vette rides a lot better more balanced smoother on bumps I’m glad I did the upgrade. Really Enjoying it! Thanks, And God Bless You!

Bob S – 2011 ZR1

I want to thank you again for going out of your way to flash my car, I really appreciate it. After driving the car around I really feel the difference. I like driving the car even more now, if that is possible.  The car goes over bumps and rough roads so much better in both touring and sport.  I love the steering in both as well.  I can’t wait to take it down to the roads you told me about in southeastern Ohio. Thanks again for upgrading my car.

Rhett L – 2009 ZR1 – Programmed at the NCM Caravan

I had my 2009 ZR1 upgraded by Jim Mero. At first, I could not tell a difference the roads were really nice and smooth at the resort down to bowling green. Got back to the hotel and took a little cruise up to the museum. Saw the road that makes you say this is going to hurt. Almost smooth as glass going over that patch and dip. Now I am looking for some test roads to try out the tour and sport settings. Real everyday test will be when I get back to Texas roads. Thanks for signing my ZR1 #136. Jim Mero.

Jason M – 2011 ZR1 – Programmed at Carlisle

I have to agree with your comment about the new tour and new sport. What a difference it made on my ZR1!  Both tour and sport glide over bumps, the body motions are much more balanced. Steering is more responsive.  It’s still a Corvette but no more dash rattling over the bumps.

Larry R – 2011 ZR1 – Programmed at Carlisle

I had my ZR1 done at Carlisle last weekend. It only took a few minutes. The cars ride is so much better i still can’t believe it is just from reprogramming. Feels like a new and better car.

Larry – 2011 ZR1 – upgraded at Carlisle

I had the MRC upgrade done to my 2011 ZR1 on 8/23/2019 at Corvettes at Carlisle PA.

The upgrade that I picked was the “New Tour 2 / Current Sport (Track)” option. I chose that option for two reasons. First, to give me the “stock” sport mode for when I am on the track or the twisty fresh paved roads I sometimes come across. And second, for when my wife drives with me on not so new roads.

A little about me. I don’t work for Jim Mero or have any affiliation with him or his company. I don’t work in the automotive industry and am not an engineer, actually I am in the investment business. I am also not a race driver, but do enjoy the track lessons and time on the track a few times a year. I chose to have him work on my car based on his reputation experience and personal recommendations from members of my Corvette club. I paid full price for the upgrade and was not offered any discounts or compensation for a positive review.

First Jim and his wife are very nice people, friendly and care about what they do. After you meet them you would invite them to your home for dinner. The upgrade appointment was on time and done in only a few minutes. One of the things that helped me personally bite the bullet on this upgrade is that no suspension part needed to be replaced, it’s all electronically uploaded. Jim Mero offers, that if you don’t like it he would put it back the way it was and refund 100% of your money.

My review from a not engineer may help other non-engineers get a feel of how I perceive the upgrade. My first two rides after the upgrade was a 30 minute rides from Carlisle PA to my hotel and back the next day. At first as I am changing the modes on the changing roads it was a bit hard to tell if the control was doing anything or was the road just smoother on the section of road that I put in New Tour 2 mode. I did not believe that difference could be just from the MRC. In both modes the car tracked flat and stable on the on and off ramps without any noticeable difference in body-roll at moderate speeds.

The review of the upgrade on the highway from Carlisle to NJ was much more informative because of the miles and road variations I encountered. The car rides much better in the Tour 2 mode then the stock Tour mode. The best way I can describe the ride difference now between changing from sport to tour modes is it’s like being able to change the sidewall aspect ratio and compound of the tires on the fly as for as smoothing out the bumps on the road. I would veer off the side of the highway in each mode and can feel the difference in how the shocks handle the bumps at highway speeds. Much better than before the upgrade. Now when I switch to Tour, the bumps on the road almost go away and I feel that the car is planted on the road, especially on bumpy turns. The car handles better in tour mode than sport mode now on the road most of the time, since the roads are not in such great shape by me,
Before the upgrade I would drive in Sport mode most of the time. Now I am driving in Tour mode when I am not on the track or very spirited street driving. This upgrade has simply improved the ride quality of my Corvette in real world roads without giving up any of the performance of the car on or off the track. I would recommend this to anybody that has a C6 Corvette with 
magnetic ride control as one of the best upgrades for the Corvette. If you have an early C7, my understanding is that you can upgrade to the new MRC programming at the dealer. All this for less than the price of a new tire, what a great deal! 


Thank Jim!

Jason M – 2011 ZR1 – upgraded at Carlisle

Jim, thank you. I cannot overstate what a difference the upgrade did with my ZR1. I am beyond amazed with the improvement it made. Thank you again and it was an honor to meet you today!

Bob D. 2009 ZR1

Jim, I put the unit in today, very noticeable upgrade. The tour setting is significantly more compliant and feels much more under control. Bumps that would usually unsettle the suspension don’t have that issue anymore. The sport version was also very good.  My wife wants one for the convertible pronto. Thanks, Bob


Rob W – 2013 ZR1

Just picked my 2013 ZR1 up from having the Jim Mero Vehicle Dynamics MRC upgrade. I did the controller exchange program and have already shipped my original controller back to Jim.

I went with the New Tour/New Super Sport combination. The difference in New Tour and the original Tour mode is night & day. I’ve driven it over some really rough roads (we have a lot of them in Tulsa) and ride improvement is substantial. So far, I’m very happy with the purchase.

JB, North Charleston, NC – ZR1

I too got my ZR1 Mag ride upgraded with the Jim Mero tune. I did the Controller exchange. He mailed it Friday and I got it today (Monday), right on time to do the install once I got home from work.

Thanks to his YouTube channel and the video on how to remove it, this was straight forward.

Before I made the mod, I took out the car to run an errand in order to get a fresh feel on how the car felt all stock. Once I got home, I did the install and took the car back out for a quick spin around the neighborhood where I know a couple of spots that usually rattle my teeth out.

Very pleased with the new tour/sport mode. The tour mode is excellent, it smoothed the car over regular bumps. When I switch to sport, I can feel the car tightening (if that make sense), but still, not as hard as the original setting (rattle you to death really in comparison).

I’m pleased with the results; this is what I was looking for.

Rest assured this was an easy transaction and a fairly easy install.

Josh H – 2010 ZR1

Jim come to my house to put the calibration in my 2010 ZR1. When I bought the car, I had to drive it back from Texas to Michigan. 18 hours on the road was a bit of a headache. The car was a blast except for hitting potholes, railroad tracks, and impacts in general. Since the calibration, my car drives and handles 100x better. The impacts seem to be non-existent. Going over railroad tracks are a breeze and the sport mode is a true sport mode now. I’m amazed every time I take out my car. Love every bit of my new calibration. 

Blake L – 2009 ZR1

The ride and handling for both modes is a dramatic improvement. As soon as I left Jim’s house in tour mode, I instantly felt a more “modern” feel to the car. Very comfortable now and yet more the handling is more responsive. I do not feel the hard rebound over larger bumps. It doesn’t pound my dash when I go over railroad tracks like it used to.

I feel that there is more steering response at lower speeds and of course at high speeds.

When I put it into sport mode, I feel a good difference. Now I feel a nice transition between tour to sport. Before the upgrade, I never put it in sport unless I was showing my friends how harsh it was. I am driving it in sport mode more often now. The ride is so much better as well as the cornering.  I want to say it feels like a new stab bars were installed. It’s that much more balanced through the corners.

Grand Sport Testimonials2021-02-02T09:51:05-05:00

Testimonials from C6 Grand Sport owners:David L 2013 Grand SportHad my 60th GS programmed by Jim while he was near Chicago last week as well.

Levent E – 2011 Grand Sport

Hello All,

I met Jim Mero and his wife in Boca Raton, FL on their way to West Palm and Vero beach. He loaded the new tour and the super-sport on my 2011 GS with MN6 and F55. I am the original owner of this car and it was factory orders as per my specs short of 4LT interior.  Let me say first, I was a very huge skeptic of this upgrade, like others posted here, I loved what it had, and funnily enough I drive on factory sport mode more than 50% of the time even in city as it settles down that touring gyrations.  I almost called Jim the night before to cancel it, I was very afraid loosing that Corvette rawness. I brought it straight home and today I went for a 60-mile test drive on the very worst roads I know along Federal HWY, all the way down to Ft Lauderdale in tour than back in Super-sport.

Fist the tour. Jim you are a magician, how the h.. did you do that? It goes over bumps and dips and manhole covers nary a complaint, which I had to maneuver around before and If I could not, I had to brace myself for the jolt. No longer required. Yet car is as planted, even more so than before! what a difference! that alone was worth the price.

Super-sport. It looks like this is now my default setting unless I am really in a very bad section of the roads. Now I realize factory sport mode which I loved so much was so excessive. (I do not track the car but love to drive the heck out of it roads permitting). I would bet that I would be now much faster with it even on a track. Coming back I took this over pass which is one way with sequence of corners right, left and right like a Chapel at Silver stone. I usually blast through those corners on sport setting when there is only me on the road. I am always feathering the throttle as the car hangs in perfect balance between the apexes right on the edge (It feels like). With the new super-sport, I swear I was at least 10 MPH faster on those corners as the car never felt close to the limit, and I was way on the throttle and exiting out early where I would have been trying to keep the rear end from coming around before (it has happened one time). That was wow!

I am no longer a skeptic, a believer now. This car now has the world class suspension, it is amazing, it breaths a whole new life in to it. The only one downside, My fuel mileage will go way down :-). However I am still ahead, I had taken off my old wheels with worn out Michelin super sport non run flats and put on new GS wheels with original Auto Transmission GY run-flats, not G2’s like the original on F55 GS’s (which Jim noticed and queried me about) that were never used before (not heat cycled and kept protected). I was ready to switch to some PS4 ‘s very soon, very tired of the harshness. The good news is that this suspension mode turned those devils in to angels, it is no longer a money I have to spend now, and can wait until they wear off.  So I am actually ahead!!!!. For anyone who on the fence about this upgrade, guys, you will be missing much if you don’t have it. It is a must. This is not just the best bang for the money, like an atomic bang type of a bang in comparison to 500 LB dumb bomb. Thank you Jim!

Jason M – 2012 Grand Sport

I met Jim and his wife to flash my 2012 centennial edition grand sport on 12/29/20. The update of New Touring and Super Sport was immediately noticed. The car rides so much better on the highway and city in either mode. I can actually feel the difference when I change the modes now. If you’re like me you are wondering if it’s worth it, the answer is YES. The best money I spent for the car.

Gary M – 2013 Grand Sport

A huge Thank You Jim Mero! After I put about 1000 miles on my 2013 Grand Sport since the MRC upgrade all I can say is WOW, my wife gifted me with a great Christmas gift. The suspension difference is amazing in both Tour & Sport settings. My car no longer acts as though it hates my lower back. It now behaves as I would expect a streetable performance vehicle should. It no longer feels always stiff and the damping keeps the car under control at all times. Smooth as silk during the pleasure drive and holds the road like a track car when driving more aggressively. The car is controlled and well behaved under acceleration through the corners with no sensation of bouncing or skidding when the road conditions aren’t perfect. I love it Jim and now I do not have to prepare my low back for impact when the road conditions turn ugly. I recommend this upgrade should be on on the list for all owners of the 2009-2013 C6 Corvettes with MRC. Again WOW!

David L 2013 Grand Sport

Had my 60th GS programmed by Jim while he was near Chicago last week as well.

Great guy and the best upgrade ever.

At first when I left and got on a nice and even road, I couldn’t tell a difference, I still felt everything the suspension was doing; probably even more so than before.

But later when the road got rough is when you really feel the difference. The car just doesn’t get upset over large bumps like before, the body moves a lot less because the suspension is doing the work. It’s incredible. It’s like going from a solid axle to independent rear suspension because the car doesn’t jump over the big stuff anymore like it used too. Always composed.

 If you’re trying to decide whether this is worth it, it is. Knowing what I know now I think this upgrade is worth more than Jim is asking for it. Thank You Jim.

Brian B – 2013 Grand Sport

Had Jim Mero update my ’13GS yesterday with the New Tour and New Sport calibrations. My, My. What a difference! Car rides better and handles better.

I was skeptical at first but no more. Awesome upgrade!

Gary M – 2011 Grand Sport

Jim, Your programming has transformed the suspension and body control. Genius! The whole feel is an amazing improvement. It’s a distinct upgrade easily appreciated. Completely composed over a bad bridge seam, potholed road , and my driveway entrance. All challenging surfaces. Great job! Thanks for a fantastic improvement.

Boyd H – 2013 Grand Sport

Just had my cars magnetic ride tuned by Jim Mero and all I can say is wow!! It rides like it’s never rode and in super sport mode it hooks and handles leaps and bounds over the stock sport setting! This made me fall in love with my car all over again! Thanks Jim Mero.

Tim M – 2013 Grand Sport

I have a 2013 GS with ECS supercharger. I purchased this upgrade (Tour and Sport) from Jim during this Covid19 social distancing. I installed myself with the help of his instructions and You Tube videos. Prior to purchasing, Jim was responsive to my questions. I decided not to get super sport upgrade since I don’t plan to track it. The module arrived a couple of days after I ordered and I received my core deposit back as soon as he received my core module back. I didn’t have to follow up which was great.

I immediately noticed a difference in ride on my short test drive post install. I had it in Tour mode and the ride was noticeably smoother on the terrible PA roads. Since then I have driven my GS on many short drives (20-30 minutes). The ride is incredible. I have challenged curves in sport mode and the GS handles amazing – hugs the road even on uneven surfaces.

This past weekend I took a road trip of about 160 miles round trip via highway and back rural roads. Tour mode was so smooth on highway it almost doesn’t feel like a sports car, almost. Accelerating is a fun reminder that it is American muscle at it’s finest. Put it in Sport mode for the back roads and had fun with the winding roads. I didn’t feel any body roll; it just clings to the road.

I have about 500 miles driven since upgrade and feel that was enough of a trial to highly recommend this upgrade!

Jeff D – 2012 Grand Sport

I got the car back together this week.  Thanks so much for the awesome turnaround on your end.  I had a chance to get behind the wheel again and I can’t believe the difference.  Somehow you managed to get rid of the harshness without losing the sports car feel in the new tour mode.  The super sport mode is equally impressive, plenty of damping and cornering control again with less of the harshness.  I’m really happy with the way this upgrade turned out.  I think this is the best modification I’ve made to date.  The C6 Corvette community is very lucky to have you behind them.  Thanks again of a great product and your help getting it into my car.  See you on the road!

Ron H – Denver, CO – 2013 Grand Sport

Today I had my 2013 Grand Sport MRC upgraded with Jim’s new version at Keller’s Automotive in Centennial, Colorado they did an excellent job and you can really feel the difference in the handling of the car. An awesome Improvement in the handling and the drive, you can feel the difference.

James C – 2011 Grand Sport

I always believe the MRC was a better system then “just” shocks or coil overs. When I learned there was an update to the system, via the guy that built it, I jumped at the chance.  Jim was attending The Caravan, so I contacted him to make an appointment. I was able to meet Jim prior to the upgrade and even sat through one of his classes to learn more about his history with Corvettes and MRC.  I chose the New Tour and Super Sport for my 2011 Grand Sport.  I like a tighter handling car and do occasionally track but wanted a better ride and control.  The upgrade was just what I expected.  I feel a larger difference between the two settings now, tour is less harsh, but it still drives like a Vette and the Super Sport is fun with better body control, lighter steering and bad roads are less of a problem.  The car handles much better in all conditions and settings. Overall it is a great upgrade that I highly recommend.

Hopen, Lawrenceville, GA – 2013 Grand Sport

I just had the Jim Mero Magnetic Ride Controller Upgrade (Jim Mero Vehicle Dynamics LLC) installed on my 2013 Grand Sport Corvette. Boy, it is like driving a different car and what a fantastic improvement in the driving experience! What was surprising is the modest cost of the upgrade controller and the modest cost to have a local garage (Mahdavi Motorsports, Lawrenceville, GA) install it. A number of options are available for the upgrade but since I don’t tack my car I got the Tour/Sport upgrade. In Tour mode my car rides so much smother and the car is really enjoyable to drive. But the biggest improvement in the Sport mode. I seem to have a lot more control of the car when going around curves and the steering seems a lot more firm. You really feel the road but it does not beat you up when you hit a rough spot. I can’t say enough how delighted I got the upgrade to my car! I urge anyone with a C6 with the MRC option to check out Jim’s website at https://jimmero.com/ and get it installed on their car. I don’t think you will regret it.  T. Hopen, Lawrenceville, GA

Dr_gallup, 2013 Grand Sport -Upgraded at Charlotte

I had the upgrade programmed this weekend, Jim put in the New Tour / New Sport calibration at Rick Hendricks Motorsports. I took I 85S to Gastonia, north on NC 321 & west on I 40 and must say the ride over expansion strips was much smoother in New Tour. The tires still make a big wallop noise of course but you don’t feel the sharp slap. But no wallowing or floating, a noticeable improvement. Then I picked up NC221/226 before turning off on 226a (Diamondback) which is just a wonderful piece of pavement. Very tight and twisty and the pavement is in excellent condition. Switched to sport mode and it handled great. At little Switzerland I got on the Blue Ridge Parkway and took it south to NC 80 (The Devil’s Whip). This road is much rougher and here the new sport calibration really shined. The car was much more composed over broken up patches of pavement. Very pleased with the change, well worth it. I drive a lot of these mountain 2 lanes, tons of fun

Kevin H – 2012 Grand Sport

Just met with Jim Mero tonight as he was passing through. He upgraded our 2012 Grand Sport Convertible with the New Tour / New Super Sport. The ride down was a bit choppy in factory Tour mode. The ride back home was much nicer. Up the hill on my street in Sport mode was another new experience. Update:  took the GS Convertible out this evening. Up Rte 60 through Hawks Nest. Tried both the New Tour and Super Sport modes. Even in Super Sport the bumps and divots in the road are not as harsh. Much more compliant than before. I will be taking it to the SWVR SCCAs last autox of the year next weekend providing the weather is good. Can’t wait! So far, I am very happy with this upgrade. My wife told me she thought it was less harsh and abrupt over the bumps too. I like it. Great upgrade. Thank you Jim,

Mike C – 2012 Grand Sport

Just had my C6 GS done by Jim, it’s only a week but it’s like having a new car. Touring mode is now the way it should be. The car rides over bumps and those expansion joints in the road very smoothly and sport mode is very responsive. Thanks again for all your help. Mike.

Bob M – 2013 Grand Sport

Out here in Sonoma County, California we have some of the worst kept roads in the state, maybe the whole country. Even in town main roads cry out for an SUV. My 2013 GS just about required a month piece to prevent chipped teeth. I have used Jim’s New Tour/New Sport for a week now over the worst roads both in town and out. The “jarring” initial hit is gone. It doesn’t hop sideways over the rough payment in tight corners under acceleration when driven hard anymore. The difference between tour and sport is quite noticeable. I can’t imagine staying with the stock programming and missing out on enjoying the car as it was meant to be.

Greg B – 2012 Grand Sport – Upgrades at the NCM Caravan

WOW! What a difference!  My wife has some medical issues and is very sensitive to vibrations, pressure changes, etc.  She RELLY noticed a difference in the removal of the “harshness” that your code offers.  We went over the course of 5280 miles on our 19 day 20 State tour.  Your Code for Shook Recalibration is Terrific.  It really makes a difference. Thanks again Jim!  The ride home (about 3000mi) was wonderful.

John S – 2012 Grand Sport

What an amazing difference. I noticed it as soon as I got out on 22 leaving the dealership. Even more on 270 heading home with as rough as it is in some places. I had the upgrade done in our 2017 Grand Sport. I could tell the difference but not even close to the difference it has made on the 2012. I honestly think if I was blind folded now, I would have a hard time telling which car I was in.  A huge thanks for making this available. Thanks for accepting my Facebook request so I can follow along. Best of luck to you and please let me know if I can provide anything else. Conti is going to hook me up with one of your signed posters since I forgot to have you sign the car. Talk to you soon. Thanks, John

Bob L – Grand Sport – Flashed at Carlisle

I’ve put about 500 miles on my car since the upgrade. I want to thank you for the software upgrade (new Tour and Super Sport) you and Terri did on my 2012 Centennial Grand Sport at Corvettes at Carlisle 2019! While I wasn’t unhappy with the car’s ride and handling as it came from the factory, I thought that with your credentials I just had to get the upgrade.  Boy am I glad I did!  The harshness is gone, and the car feels so much more settled in both modes.  Previously, my car always skipped over a washboard road near my home. Now, In either Tour or Super Sport the car soaks up those bumps so controllably I can’t believe it! The car now feels so much more planted and stable under all road conditions and speeds.  By the way, I think this upgrade also eliminated most of the wheel hop/drivetrain shake that I previously experienced on hard launches and shifts. 

John G – 2011 Grand Sport – Upgraded at Carlisle

Jim it was a pleasure speaking with you at Corvette’s at Carlisle. I had the mag ride upgrade done on my 2011 GS and what a difference. Prior to the upgrade there wasn’t really any noticeable ride difference between Tour and Sport(track). Now the difference is significant. The biggest change is in the Tour mode that now provides a much more refined ride, minimizing rough road surfaces that prior to the upgrade caused the car to bounce around. I noticed the difference in the feel as soon as I departed the fairgrounds. Handling is also improved. This was money well spent!

Mark E – 2012 Grand Sport – Upgraded at Carlisle

Thank you for upgrading my MRC on my 2012 Vette Grand Sport – I must say I felt a positive difference within a few miles of driving. I had a chance to thoroughly experience the difference when I drove from Glasgow Kentucky to Houston Texas – anyone with MRC who wants a better ride quality should do this upgrade.

Jim A – 2013 Grand Sport

“Jim and Terri Mero stopped by the Indianapolis area on their way home from the NCM 25th Anniversary celebration to upgrade three C6s. I thought the ride of my 2013 GS with MRC was pretty darn good as it was. After reading about the ride and handling improvements after Jim’s upgrade, I decided to proceed. The improvement in the ‘Tour’ mode was noticeable right away. It reduced the harshness over bumps, irregular surfaces, and pavement transitions without sacrificing the great Corvette sports car feel. My wife noticed the reduced harshness right away also, so we are both very pleased with the upgrade.” The improvements is ‘Sport’ are similar to ‘Tour’, yet it’s still a ‘Sport” mode. The MRC upgrade makes me a really happy camper. Update: The MRC upgrade is wonderful. The more I drive the GS the more I enjoy the feel of the ‘new’ car. Thank You for stopping by on your way home.

Craig F 2013 Grand Sport – – upgraded at Carlisle

I went to Carlisle yesterday and had Jim do his upgrade on my 2013 Grand Sport Coupe with the 6-speed manual and dry sump.

I could tell a difference as soon as I headed home from Carlisle, Pa. to Baltimore, Md.

My route was basically a two-lane road for about 60 miles, that varies from 25 mph while passing through several small towns with bumpy roads, to stretches of 55 mph smooth up-and-down winding mountain passes. It’s a fun drive, and there were lots of Corvettes driving to and from Carlisle.

What I noticed was my Tour setting, which always seemed comfortable but maybe too floaty and leaning for a Corvette, now feels appropriately controlled, but by no means uncomfortable. I’ve only driven those 60 miles, but it seems now to be about perfect for daily driving.

My Sport setting, on the other hand, usually seemed really stiff . . . . I did use it when I was on back roads driving quickly and again it bothered me as too stiff.

Sometimes I wish there was a setting in the middle of the factory Tour and Sport modes. That seems to be exactly what Jim gave me . . . two new settings, both in the middle of the original factory settings.

And I do not track the car so I doubt I will ever miss the original factory Sport setting.

I bought my car new and searched for a 2013 Grand Sport specifically with the F55 suspension. I have intentionally kept my car completely stock . . .so doing this reprogram was my first and only modification. I have absolutely no regrets . . . the suspension is clearly improved.

If you’ve got a C6 with the magnetic ride option I highly recommend Jim’s upgrade.


Joni L – 2013 Grand Sport – upgrade installed in New Stanton PA

It was great that Jim could make a stop enroute to Carlisle. I haven’t driven a lot since the upgrade but so far, I’m very pleased with my upgrade.

The ride quality is improved, and the car seems to drive better. I have lower back issues and can tell the difference between before and after pretty easily.

I don’t track the car and do a good bit of my driving on the back roads in my area. The GS seems to have better turn in now. The upgrade is the best thing I’ve had done for this car besides getting Michelin tires.

The GS drives better and feels better on our crummy PA roads.

Meeting Jim and his wife was wonderful, great people.

I highly recommend Jim and his upgrade!

Tom S – 2012 Grand Sport – upgraded at Carlisle

Thanks, Jim. The ride home on Thursday after your calibration was amazing.  The ride down to Bowling Green with the calibration you loaded onto my car at Carlisle made the trip very enjoyable. Thank you!

Jason M – 2011 ZR1 – upgraded at Carlisle

Jim, thank you. I cannot overstate what a difference the upgrade did with my ZR1. I am beyond amazed with the improvement it made. Thank you again and it was an honor to meet you today!


Norby Dippold – 2011 Grand Sport – New Tour/New Sport

Well after a 1370-mile road trip with the changes in place on some of the ugliest highways (I69 MI) in America I am convinced that this is one of the best changes that I have made to my 2011 C6 GS. In Tour mode those highway bumps/jars seemed to go away, the car was more stable and easier to drive hence more fun to drive. There was less slap over those tar strips on the highway and the car seemed less noisy inside. The GS feels happier now and I am much happier now.  This is the way the C6 GS should have come!   Jim, I owe you a great deal of thanks as you made driving my C6 GS much more fun!



                Much better ride quality

                Stable and planted

                Gives you greater confidence


                Easier to drive

                More fun to drive



Trey F, Rio Rancho, NM 2012 Grand Sport

I installed the module this evening. I have to say, it’s an impressive difference in the ride quality for normal city driving It’s a wonderful vehicle, and the ride is amazing now. Thank you very much. I am proud to have this in my car. Overall, it has improved with the update dramatically. Thank you again for the module and customer service. I am very happy.

Bill (2013 Grand Sport Conv.) and Larry (2009 ZR1) who drove up from Indianapolis, IN

Both Larry and I are really happy with the upgrade along with the wives too! Neither of us really knew what to expect and are more than pleasantly surprised and certainly glad we did it. All I can say is that I noticed the change as I backed out of your garage as the tires rolled over the expansion strip and didn’t jolt as before.

In the drive afterwards to the motel we could feel the changed ride and after overnight the difference was fully felt by both drivers and riders. The Corvettes are now more compliant over rougher roads and just have a much better feel overall.  It really does make the Corvette more fun to drive. As I told Larry had the upgrade been available before the C7 came out there may have been less C6 owners giving theirs up.

Mike – 2011 Grand Sport Convertible.

Last year I purchased a C6 Grand Sport convertible.  I bought the car in Texas and drove it back to Michigan.  In the fall of 2018, Jim asked if he could upgrade my car to get my thoughts. The transformation is unbelievable! The pleasure of driving the car in either tour or sport can’t be understated.  On my drive back from Texas I never put it in sport.  Now I do almost all my driving in sport. If I just want a nice cruising car, tour is perfect.  In both tour and sport, the car just glides over the bumps that used to beat me up bad.  Also, I noticed how much better the steering is, which surprised me.  Now I can’t imagine driving the car without the new programs.

Ross W – 2011 Grand Sport Coupe

After a total of 10 hours of seat time.  In both tour and sport.

Mix of freeway 55-90mph with hours rural backroad and small-town slow driving. 

I like this new cal so much. Both tour and absorb the bumps very very nicely and are still stable and composed.  Everyone will notice a considerable difference.

Galen C – 2012 Grand Sport

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the driving improvement. Drove over 250 miles yesterday. I am no expert but would say the car feels much more stable, planted, kind of hard to describe but driving over rough pavement sections has a sense that the suspension is working much more refined. These are really nice cars and your program just adds to the experience.   Galen

427 Testimonials2021-02-02T09:51:47-05:00

Testimonials from 427 Convertible owners:

Robert G – 427 Convertible

Unlike many of the other reviewers, I did not mind the firm ride of my MRC since my daily driver is a 2013 Z06 with non-MRC suspension. My MRC seemed compliant by comparison. My hope was that the New Super Sport upgrade would not soften the ride too much, and would improve cornering speeds, handling in bumpy corners and on washboard roads, and reduce tramlining. I am happy to say that the upgrade has exceeded my expectations.

 The most noticeable improvement is the enhanced traction in bumpy corners, especially those which make both your heart and the car jump a few inches to the outside at high speed. With this improved grip, you can keep the power applied with confidence and attack the corners with greater speed. While tramlining is not gone, it is greatly improved, and the steering feel is lighter. Add on top of all this; an overall improvement of tire grip/handling on washboard roads, no noticeable increase in body roll, and a reduction in ride harshness (less jarring & quieter), this was a win-win upgrade. I am extremely pleased and highly recommend it to anyone with an MRC suspension. Many thanks to you for your continued work and support of the C6.

Bob J – 427 Convertible

I left Jim and went on a 120-mile ride into the Laurel Highlands with our Corvette group. It was a good test since we hit highway and secondary, and maybe third-rate roads. I felt the car in tour mode was much more refined in how it handled expansion joints and other road imperfections I encountered. Once we hit some secondary roads the Sport mode really felt great. Especially in the twisties where I felt the car was under more control.

No doubt, with Jim’s guarantee, I suggest you give this upgrade a workout. No second guessing my purchase. Thanks Jim!

Jim D – 427 Convertible

I have to give a huge thumbs up to Jim’s upgrade. I drove 148 miles this morning. What a difference, I am extremely pleased with the upgrade. It’s like I drove up an old car and traded for a new one. Day and night difference. If you’re on the fence about getting it done…..just do it! Money very well spent.

thanks again Jim and very nice meeting your wife as well. You’re both fabulous!

Eric R – Auburn, WA – 2013 427 Convertible

Hi Jim

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that the module you returned to me is installed and works great! The ride is much more compliant on city driving, while freeway speeds also show marked improvement. I would highly recommend this suspension upgrade to everyone that has MRC on their C6. Again, great job, thanks Jim. ER


Eric R – Auburn, WA – 2013 427 Convertible

Hi Jim

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that the module you returned to me is installed and works great! The ride is much more compliant on city driving, while freeway speeds also show marked improvement. I would highly recommend this suspension upgrade to everyone that has MRC on their C6. Again, great job, thanks Jim. ER

Fred Rice – Klassic Rides LLC – 2013 427 Convertible

I’ve made a point of driving my Corvette almost daily since you installed the MRC upgrade, and it truly is a very different and much improved car vs the stock programming & ride.  I’ve spent time driving the car on city streets, neighborhood streets, and interstate highways & I’ve used both “Touring” & “Sport” settings in all environments.


You were right:  I now leave the MRC set on “Sport” virtually as a default setting, vs using the “Touring” setting as the default setting and the “Sport” setting as optional.  While both modes are much improved, the improvement in the “Sport” setting is most dramatic.


The car now handles much better. 


  1. No “darting” on highways.  As you probably know, with the wide tires on this car, “darting” was a problem.
  2. No “dancing” sideways over small depressions.  This was a problem with depressed manhole covers, resulting in the car “dancing” to one side in curves.
  3. Bumps in the road are now absorbed much, much better.  Ride and handling is so much better.
  4. Road noise is much reduced. 


I’ve also noticed that the clutch engages much smoother than before, and putting the car in motion is so much easier than before. 


Overall, the car feels tighter, more solid, and more under control.  If I didn’t know that you had upgraded the MRC programming, I would have thought that someone had installed a major suspension modification.  It truly does drive like a new car!


Thank you for making this great upgrade available.  It really is a modification that all C6 drivers should install in their cars!


On a related note, we here at Klassic Rides would very much like to be able to provide installation of your MRC upgrade to Corvette drivers in and around the Charlotte area.  We’ve been in business for over 15 years, and our customer base extends from Virginia to Florida along the Atlantic Coast, and west into Kentucky and Tennessee.  I would very much like to discuss how this could be a benefit to both you and us. 


Dan L – 2013 427 Convertible

Jim, thanks for meeting me last Tuesday morning. The upgrade made a big difference in my 427. I took a favorite back road on my way home from Richmond, most of it in Sport mode, and the difference is fantastic. The old sport mode was too harsh for normal roads, but now it rides great and I feel more control. Steering feel is great. The best upgrade I have done to this car. Thanks again.

Ken W – 427 conv. Programmed at the NCM Caravan

One of the happiest and coolest places on Earth! National Corvette Museum 25th Anniversary! Had a great time talking with Jim and Terri Mero after Jim did his magic reflash of our much loved 427’s magnetic ride suspension. Already we sense a wonderful difference! The Vette drives better than ever! Tomorrow on track we will learn more! THANKS Jim & Terri!

How cool to have THE GM Driving Engineer who has set so many lap records and been the man behind so many Corvette suspension tuning technical successes to get personally involved with OUR Corvette!

Etienne K – 427 Conv. Flashed at Carlisle

After strolling the grounds at Carlisle, I came across Jim’s booth. I was very interested. The settings on my 427 convertible could have used some tuning. I have felt that the Tour mode was too harsh for street and highway driving. The joints and bumps were getting harsh in the seat. Jim and his wife were very helpful in explaining the upgrade and the warranty. We decided to move forward with the tune. On the way home from Carlisle, we were pleased with the ride. Much smoother. I haven’t tried the Sport mode yet, but it is like the Tour mode, the settings should be great for the limited track time that I do. Good investment in a car that I hope to drive for many more years.

Michael M – 427 Conv – Flashed at the NCM Caravan

The trip home was great, overall ride was greatly improved. Car felt more stable, handling and ride was more responsive, but the best thing was what we did Saturday before we left. We put it back on the track and man did it allow me to show out for everyone!!!  It handled way better with on the track that it did the two days before.  Thank you, Michael and Sherri–

Keith – 427 Conv. Upgraded at Carlisle

Jim did his upgrade on my 427 convertible at Carlisle. Quite the improvement. The ride home was considerably smoother than the ride there, both done in Tour mode. I haven’t tried Sport mode yet because despite some incidents of aggressive cornering in an effort to uncover hiccups, the car remained flat and balanced while still delivering a smoother ride. It also maintained better road contact when going over bumps at speed. Very happy with the results. Now when Jim and Terry find their way to Vero Beach I can get my ZR1 tweaked as well. Thanks Jim and Terry, Keith

Z06 Z07 Testimonials2021-02-02T09:52:47-05:00

Testimonials from C6 Z06/Z07 owners:

Jeff M Z06 w/Z07

Just had the pleasure of meeting Jim Mero & having him upgrade the magnetic ride suspension on my Callaway Carbon Z07. I went with the New Tour & New Sport calibrations, and on my short 20 min drive home it honestly felt like a new & totally different car.

I may or may not have tested the new sport setting on a 35 mph on-ramp at 85 mph and the car felt like it was on rails. I’ve taken that on-ramp many times and never at more than 60 mph. It was a nice little reference point.

The service road once I exit the tollway is under construction, quite bumpy and has some undulating swells in one section. Even keeping it in sport it was night & day over the previous tour mode.

Can honestly say it’s the best $325 I’ve spent on the car, and highly recommend it.

Rich “Mink” 2011 Z06w/Z07 – Rich is one of my personal hero’s.  He was a Navy fighter pilot who took off and landed A7’s and F18’s on aircraft carriers.

The first thing I noticed is that the tramlining/wandering I had before is gone. Also, crossing all the bridge expansion joints on the way back also revealed excellent response both compression and rebound in high and slow speed suspension velocity.  The realization came when I would hear the slap of the tire hitting the expansion joint but felt nothing in the car. The car just felt better, more planted and responsive, but also supple and comfortable.  A new car!!!  Overall first impression of this build is that you hit it out of the park, tremendous improvement. Again, I am very pleased with what I felt last night on the way back, can’t emphasis that enough.  Outstanding Job

Phil C – Z06 w/Z07

Thank you so much for helping us tame our rides. Tour mode is fantastic, it rides like a new car. Super Sport is fantastic as well.  Perfect cornering but great over the bumps.

William J – 2012 Z06w/Z07

Hi Jim, I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for programming my car. I am completely astounded at the improvement in both the handling, especially over very rough roads. It feels like I got a new car. I typically never drove it in sport because it was so hard, now I drive it in sport probably more than I drive it in tour. The other thing that amazed me by just a shock upgrade was how the steering response has improved so much. I enjoyed meeting both you and Terry. Again, thank you so much for doing this for us C6 owners.

Frank T – 2013 Z06wZ07

The transformation of the car is nothing short of spectacular!  I can’t believe how much more highly enjoy driving it.  It does not beat me up anymore, yet it still has the corvette feel.  I feel so much more secure when driving on very twisty roads.  And in both modes the improvement over bumps is amazing.  Great job Jim!

Z06 With MRC Testimonials2020-12-14T00:57:03-05:00

Testimonials from C6 Z06 owners:

Phil C – Z06 with MRC

Thank you so much for helping us tame our rides. Tour mode is fantastic, it rides like a new car. Super Sport is fantastic as well.  Perfect cornering but great over the bumps.

Larrie M – Z06 with MRC

I think better than the C7’s I’ve been in. It improved all aspects of ride, handling, & comfort just as you said it would.

Base MRC Testimonials2021-02-02T09:54:11-05:00

Testimonials from C6 Base Corvette w/MRC owners:

David K – Base Corvette w/MRC

Just got mine installed this afternoon on my base centennial edition. All I can say is ‘WOW!’ and that doesn’t do it justice. I could tell an immediate difference as soon as I started driving. No more dodging manhole covers or other small dips in the road anymore. Even if you have no plans to do any performance mods, this is a must-do upgrade if you have MRC.

Steve – Base Corvette w/MRC

I am VERY impressed. I drove from Dayton to Indy to meet Jim so my ‘tactile road roughness sensor’ got two hours of calibration on I-70 which is pretty rough. Lots of places have been cut and patched, and quite poorly at that. There are lots of very abrupt transitions which cause jolting and jarring. I can hear the top creaking and popping.

With Jim’s MRC upgrade the creaking and popping was significantly reduced. In Touring mode it is smooth but not in the least mushy. In Super Sport mode it is nice and tight without the harshness that it had before. It is like getting a $2,000 shock and spring upgrade.

The suspension now works like it should. My car has a completely different character.

Jim and Cathi Nye – 2012 Base Corvette w/MRC

Part 1: The Install

During the 25th Annual National Corvette Museum Celebration/Caravan my wife Cathi and I attended Jim Mero’s MRC Upgrade presentation. Knowing that this would be something I couldn’t do myself, and that the Upgrade was 100 % money back satisfaction guaranteed, I was good to go. Cathi hesitated, as it is her Corvette (by default, as the car is painted a custom-mixed deep metallic pink). I said, “Trust me, this could be great, but we’ll never know unless we do it now.” The day after our track day (now so wishing it was before), our upgrade was installed inside of 15 minutes. Jim and his wife were totally delightful. The plan was that I would then drive my hard working Cathi to the Nashville Airport to catch her plane to California, but after five miles I said, “Honey, you really need to drive this car…” Two miles later she said, “Oh my, this is so amazing!” It felt like it had a five-inch wider track, sat two inches lower, smoothed and flatten out the pitching through the curves. Our short 66 mile drive made us both immediately happy with the Mero Upgrade MRC.

Part 2: The Torture Test

Two days later, I picked up my new co-pilot, my son Calvin, at Chicago O’Hare for the return trip west. A member of our Ventura County Corvette Club had it on their bucket list to travel every drivable section of Route 66, and the rest of our club followed. Route 66 is largely abandoned and neglected, and not really that drivable in its totality. Our average daily hours behind the wheel was 8-10 hours, and our average speed was 31-41 MPH. Interestingly, coming east on the Caravan, I would be squirming tortuously in my seat by mid-afternoon, as the base Corvette seats lack a lot of supporting for long distance travel. FYI: I happen to have an inoperable broken back with sciatic nerve issues. On the way drive back, on worse roads, and longer hours, I never squirmed once. That is so incredibly amazing. Again, very happy with the Mero Upgrade MRC.

Part 3: Back Home to the Roads I Love.

I was very excited to be back home with our Corvette. I have lived off of Highway 33 near Ojai for over 33 years, and I love to drive the Maricopa Highway section in anything on wheels. I prefer fast, hard spirited early morning runs, weekdays over weekends, and before all of the GoPro guys have finished their coffee. On track day during the 25th Anniversary I had no problem keeping up with ZR1s, Z-06s, and C7s in the corners, but I seriously lacked in braking and acceleration exiting into the straights. I honestly like no traffic so I can do the best I can with what I’m driving. With the improved smoothness, unlike all of the busy input I previously dealt with on the 33, this Corvette was now delivering cleaner and clearer abilities. I believe I am faster and more finessed than ever before. The noise in the canyons from the Corvette is a flat-out roar, and driving a pink Corvette loudly in a laser world is begging for a big ticket. I can totally recommend the Jim Mero Upgrade MRC to any Corvette that hasn’t had one. You and your car deserve this upgrade.

Thank you, Jim Mero

Jim and Cathi Nye

Greg S – 2009 Base Coupe w/MRC

“This is the highest value C6 modification out there for a couple of key reasons.  Most important, it does (more than) what it promises at an amazing price.  It’s a no-risk, superior return for the upgrade dollar.  There is no research or wrenching needed to get a major suspension upgrade that benefits from C7 lessons learned.  A quick download transforms C6 handling without the expense, complexity, and hassle of changing to coilovers or some other custom suspension setup that needs to be dialed-in or massaged.  None of the mechanical suspension alternatives can easily adapt to the range of driving missions and pavement types from streets to highway to racecourse that the MRC upgrade can.  This software mod is a brain transplant that unlocks the MR hardware to perform noticeably better.


After the install, you immediately know something has changed for the better.  Within a couple of miles on very familiar roads, I knew that the New Tour setting brought a much higher level of composure and suppleness over bad pavement without any sort of marshmallow feel.  The car just feels smarter and more focused; it tracks better, with less hop and scratchiness over bumps, ruts, and potholes, and fewer creaks and groans at parking lot speeds.  City streets are less annoying, and the ride is more quiet.  There’s a new level of calmness in the ride, but the car is no less alive, sharp-edged, or planted when I need to change direction or launch onto the highway or into holes in traffic.  New Tour simultaneously makes the C6 a better weekend fun ride and a better daily driver.  It’s surprising not to find a compromise for, or downside to this magnitude of change.


I have not fully explored the New Super Sport calibration yet, but based on a few drives at fast highway speeds, it feels more appropriate than the original Sport setting.  It’s more buttoned-down than New Tour without feeling harsh or jittery.  I worried a bit about whether to opt for New Sport or New Super Sport.  (I wanted a clear separation between modes, but would New Super Sport be too aggressive or punishing?)  All signs point to New Super Sport as the perfect choice for serious roadwork when I want maximum stability and grip, as well as enhanced body and wheel control for aggressive running.  It’s definitely not too brutal for use on “normal” roads when I want to tighten things up.  Looking forward to taking a long drive on a twisty road.  Tail of the Dragon, anyone?


Getting back to why this mod is such a high value, it means a lot that you’re dealing directly with a Corvette titan who’s been there, done that, and set the ‘Ring records.  Your car benefits from all the wisdom and mileage hat Jim Mero possesses.  He’s the philosopher of Corvette suspension tuning. For a Corvette owner, it’s like a blessing from the Pope or a guitar lesson from Hendrix.” 

Greg P – Base Corvette with MRC – Upgraded at the Caravan

During the NCM Caravan, and after driving my 2009 Convertible for 1,500 miles, I was fortunate to have Jim upgrade my C6’s MRC.  What a difference it has made – the ride back home was much more enjoyable.  I drive my Vette all the time spring through fall so I have a firm understanding of it’s handling and how it handles the bumpy roads.  Specifically, I cross certain unavoidable cracks in the street that jarred the car if I didn’t slow to a crawl.  No longer.  I still slow out of habit, and certainly notice the cracks, but the vehicle takes them like my new SUV instead of a sports car.  The other day I finally had the opportunity to take the Vette through some windy Colorado mountain roads and test out the Sport Mode of the MRC.  What a blast it was accelerating through the turns – the handling was noticeably improved.  I love my C6 but before the MRC upgrade I was considering upgrading to a C7 just because of the comfort of the ride.  I’ve shelved that idea for a couple more years now, maybe indefinitely until a C8 convertible is in my future.  Thanks Jim!!!

David G – Base Corvette – Flashed at the NCM Caravan

We finally made it back to California from Bowling Green. The Controller was the best thing done to my C6 Callaway. The sport mode was changed dramatically to a great ride also with the cruise mode as well. I will keep referring other Corvette members / other Corvette owners about the Magic in your controller to enhance their cars ride and handling. Again, thank you for your generosity and was a great pleasure to meet you in Bowling Green. Best Wishes to your continued success.

Bryce D – Base Corvette w/MRC – Flashed at Carlisle

Jim, while the drive home from Carlisle (420 miles) there was a much more improved ride.  The car handled rough roads so much better.  Then when I got into a much more spirited drive that I really noticed the difference. Both in the ride, the steering response and how car was composed during the corners.  Very much improved, Thank you.


Matt D, 2009 Base C6 with MRC New Tour/ Super Sport


Below is my review of your MRC Controller in my 2009 C6 Corvette A6 4lt:

In both the new “Touring” and “Sport” I feel like I am now more in tune with the Vette. I have never really felt like I had control of the car before due to the stiffness and firmness of the ride. I really didn’t enjoy driving spirited driving through the mountain roads or canyons (even though I tried). Now I feel really “In-Tune” with my Vette. I have much better control and I get improved feedback. It feels like it hugs the corners and doesn’t want to skip around.  The steering is much better in both modes as well.

On the freeways and streets, the ride is so much smoother, it feels like the Vette glides over simpler bumps and does not exaggerate them. In both “Touring” and “Sport” modes, on larger bumps the impact isolation is much better.

You can definitely feel the difference in the steering between “Touring” and “Sport” modes. The “Sport” mode steering gives you a tighter responsive steering. When switching between the two settings, there is a significant difference in both the suspension and the steering.

Driving experience:

“Sport” mode feels a lot more like it squats into the turns, it feels like I have better control, almost as if I bought new stickier tires. To me, the rear is where I really felt a difference along with the steering through the Los Angeles Forest Highway (Mountain Road).

“Touring” mode now travels over bumps and dips and washboard type roads with ease. It feels smooth and more responsive. On the freeway, when I used to hit the bumps for the underpass, that would originally almost knock out the fillings in my teeth, it is now extremely less aggressive. The same goes for “Sport” mode as well.

I also now enjoy driving very spirited through Los Angeles Forest Highway (Mountain Road) in the “Touring” mode as well, it feels much more stable and it hugs the corners with ease and a smoothness like never before.

It’s a remarkable feeling to be in-tune with the Vette and have confidence when driving twisty roads as well as having an extremely comfortable ride in both the new mode settings.

Much thanks to Jim and taking his time to take care and consider the C6’s – Thank you!


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