Hi everyone,

If you know anyone with a 2009-2013 6th generation Corvette with Magnetic Ride Control, I would be greatly appreciative if you would give this post a like (Facebook) and share (Facebook and/or this link).

We are in the process of creating our network of Corvette Specialty Shops, Performance shops, and Automotive Repair Shops to install controllers.  This will give the opportunity to anyone who wants the upgrade to have it within a few days.

Below is our current strategy:

  • Every shop recommended by all folks on Facebook and the Corvette Forum is on the list.
  • Beyond that, we are only contacting shops with the highest rankings.
  • The initial thoughts on protocol are:
    • The customer will specify and order the controller directly from us.
    • We will ship the controller to the installer.
    • The shop will install and make the transaction with the customer.
    • We will pay for the installation, so the cost to the customer will still be $325 plus tax.
    • We will communicate to all installers that any upcharges will not be tolerated.
    • As always, the 100% money back guarantee applies. So far, we have upgraded hundreds of cars and still stand at 100% satisfaction. However, if for whatever reason the customer wants his original calibration, we will pay for the shop to re-install the controller. There is no risk to the owner.
    • Even though the installation is simple, we will ensure and communicate to the installers that the great care needs to be taken when doing any work on a Corvette.

We hope to have the network in place by the end of January, 2020…perhaps sooner.

Thank you for your time and consideration,