Testimonials from C6 Base Corvette w/MRC owners:

David K – Base Corvette w/MRC

Just got mine installed this afternoon on my base centennial edition. All I can say is ‘WOW!’ and that doesn’t do it justice. I could tell an immediate difference as soon as I started driving. No more dodging manhole covers or other small dips in the road anymore. Even if you have no plans to do any performance mods, this is a must-do upgrade if you have MRC.

Steve – Base Corvette w/MRC

I am VERY impressed. I drove from Dayton to Indy to meet Jim so my ‘tactile road roughness sensor’ got two hours of calibration on I-70 which is pretty rough. Lots of places have been cut and patched, and quite poorly at that. There are lots of very abrupt transitions which cause jolting and jarring. I can hear the top creaking and popping.

With Jim’s MRC upgrade the creaking and popping was significantly reduced. In Touring mode it is smooth but not in the least mushy. In Super Sport mode it is nice and tight without the harshness that it had before. It is like getting a $2,000 shock and spring upgrade.

The suspension now works like it should. My car has a completely different character.

Jim and Cathi Nye – 2012 Base Corvette w/MRC

Part 1: The Install

During the 25th Annual National Corvette Museum Celebration/Caravan my wife Cathi and I attended Jim Mero’s MRC Upgrade presentation. Knowing that this would be something I couldn’t do myself, and that the Upgrade was 100 % money back satisfaction guaranteed, I was good to go. Cathi hesitated, as it is her Corvette (by default, as the car is painted a custom-mixed deep metallic pink). I said, “Trust me, this could be great, but we’ll never know unless we do it now.” The day after our track day (now so wishing it was before), our upgrade was installed inside of 15 minutes. Jim and his wife were totally delightful. The plan was that I would then drive my hard working Cathi to the Nashville Airport to catch her plane to California, but after five miles I said, “Honey, you really need to drive this car…” Two miles later she said, “Oh my, this is so amazing!” It felt like it had a five-inch wider track, sat two inches lower, smoothed and flatten out the pitching through the curves. Our short 66 mile drive made us both immediately happy with the Mero Upgrade MRC.

Part 2: The Torture Test

Two days later, I picked up my new co-pilot, my son Calvin, at Chicago O’Hare for the return trip west. A member of our Ventura County Corvette Club had it on their bucket list to travel every drivable section of Route 66, and the rest of our club followed. Route 66 is largely abandoned and neglected, and not really that drivable in its totality. Our average daily hours behind the wheel was 8-10 hours, and our average speed was 31-41 MPH. Interestingly, coming east on the Caravan, I would be squirming tortuously in my seat by mid-afternoon, as the base Corvette seats lack a lot of supporting for long distance travel. FYI: I happen to have an inoperable broken back with sciatic nerve issues. On the way drive back, on worse roads, and longer hours, I never squirmed once. That is so incredibly amazing. Again, very happy with the Mero Upgrade MRC.

Part 3: Back Home to the Roads I Love.

I was very excited to be back home with our Corvette. I have lived off of Highway 33 near Ojai for over 33 years, and I love to drive the Maricopa Highway section in anything on wheels. I prefer fast, hard spirited early morning runs, weekdays over weekends, and before all of the GoPro guys have finished their coffee. On track day during the 25th Anniversary I had no problem keeping up with ZR1s, Z-06s, and C7s in the corners, but I seriously lacked in braking and acceleration exiting into the straights. I honestly like no traffic so I can do the best I can with what I’m driving. With the improved smoothness, unlike all of the busy input I previously dealt with on the 33, this Corvette was now delivering cleaner and clearer abilities. I believe I am faster and more finessed than ever before. The noise in the canyons from the Corvette is a flat-out roar, and driving a pink Corvette loudly in a laser world is begging for a big ticket. I can totally recommend the Jim Mero Upgrade MRC to any Corvette that hasn’t had one. You and your car deserve this upgrade.

Thank you, Jim Mero

Jim and Cathi Nye

Greg S – 2009 Base Coupe w/MRC

“This is the highest value C6 modification out there for a couple of key reasons.  Most important, it does (more than) what it promises at an amazing price.  It’s a no-risk, superior return for the upgrade dollar.  There is no research or wrenching needed to get a major suspension upgrade that benefits from C7 lessons learned.  A quick download transforms C6 handling without the expense, complexity, and hassle of changing to coilovers or some other custom suspension setup that needs to be dialed-in or massaged.  None of the mechanical suspension alternatives can easily adapt to the range of driving missions and pavement types from streets to highway to racecourse that the MRC upgrade can.  This software mod is a brain transplant that unlocks the MR hardware to perform noticeably better.


After the install, you immediately know something has changed for the better.  Within a couple of miles on very familiar roads, I knew that the New Tour setting brought a much higher level of composure and suppleness over bad pavement without any sort of marshmallow feel.  The car just feels smarter and more focused; it tracks better, with less hop and scratchiness over bumps, ruts, and potholes, and fewer creaks and groans at parking lot speeds.  City streets are less annoying, and the ride is more quiet.  There’s a new level of calmness in the ride, but the car is no less alive, sharp-edged, or planted when I need to change direction or launch onto the highway or into holes in traffic.  New Tour simultaneously makes the C6 a better weekend fun ride and a better daily driver.  It’s surprising not to find a compromise for, or downside to this magnitude of change.


I have not fully explored the New Super Sport calibration yet, but based on a few drives at fast highway speeds, it feels more appropriate than the original Sport setting.  It’s more buttoned-down than New Tour without feeling harsh or jittery.  I worried a bit about whether to opt for New Sport or New Super Sport.  (I wanted a clear separation between modes, but would New Super Sport be too aggressive or punishing?)  All signs point to New Super Sport as the perfect choice for serious roadwork when I want maximum stability and grip, as well as enhanced body and wheel control for aggressive running.  It’s definitely not too brutal for use on “normal” roads when I want to tighten things up.  Looking forward to taking a long drive on a twisty road.  Tail of the Dragon, anyone?


Getting back to why this mod is such a high value, it means a lot that you’re dealing directly with a Corvette titan who’s been there, done that, and set the ‘Ring records.  Your car benefits from all the wisdom and mileage hat Jim Mero possesses.  He’s the philosopher of Corvette suspension tuning. For a Corvette owner, it’s like a blessing from the Pope or a guitar lesson from Hendrix.” 

Greg P – Base Corvette with MRC – Upgraded at the Caravan

During the NCM Caravan, and after driving my 2009 Convertible for 1,500 miles, I was fortunate to have Jim upgrade my C6’s MRC.  What a difference it has made – the ride back home was much more enjoyable.  I drive my Vette all the time spring through fall so I have a firm understanding of it’s handling and how it handles the bumpy roads.  Specifically, I cross certain unavoidable cracks in the street that jarred the car if I didn’t slow to a crawl.  No longer.  I still slow out of habit, and certainly notice the cracks, but the vehicle takes them like my new SUV instead of a sports car.  The other day I finally had the opportunity to take the Vette through some windy Colorado mountain roads and test out the Sport Mode of the MRC.  What a blast it was accelerating through the turns – the handling was noticeably improved.  I love my C6 but before the MRC upgrade I was considering upgrading to a C7 just because of the comfort of the ride.  I’ve shelved that idea for a couple more years now, maybe indefinitely until a C8 convertible is in my future.  Thanks Jim!!!

David G – Base Corvette – Flashed at the NCM Caravan

We finally made it back to California from Bowling Green. The Controller was the best thing done to my C6 Callaway. The sport mode was changed dramatically to a great ride also with the cruise mode as well. I will keep referring other Corvette members / other Corvette owners about the Magic in your controller to enhance their cars ride and handling. Again, thank you for your generosity and was a great pleasure to meet you in Bowling Green. Best Wishes to your continued success.

Bryce D – Base Corvette w/MRC – Flashed at Carlisle

Jim, while the drive home from Carlisle (420 miles) there was a much more improved ride.  The car handled rough roads so much better.  Then when I got into a much more spirited drive that I really noticed the difference. Both in the ride, the steering response and how car was composed during the corners.  Very much improved, Thank you.


Matt D, 2009 Base C6 with MRC New Tour/ Super Sport


Below is my review of your MRC Controller in my 2009 C6 Corvette A6 4lt:

In both the new “Touring” and “Sport” I feel like I am now more in tune with the Vette. I have never really felt like I had control of the car before due to the stiffness and firmness of the ride. I really didn’t enjoy driving spirited driving through the mountain roads or canyons (even though I tried). Now I feel really “In-Tune” with my Vette. I have much better control and I get improved feedback. It feels like it hugs the corners and doesn’t want to skip around.  The steering is much better in both modes as well.

On the freeways and streets, the ride is so much smoother, it feels like the Vette glides over simpler bumps and does not exaggerate them. In both “Touring” and “Sport” modes, on larger bumps the impact isolation is much better.

You can definitely feel the difference in the steering between “Touring” and “Sport” modes. The “Sport” mode steering gives you a tighter responsive steering. When switching between the two settings, there is a significant difference in both the suspension and the steering.

Driving experience:

“Sport” mode feels a lot more like it squats into the turns, it feels like I have better control, almost as if I bought new stickier tires. To me, the rear is where I really felt a difference along with the steering through the Los Angeles Forest Highway (Mountain Road).

“Touring” mode now travels over bumps and dips and washboard type roads with ease. It feels smooth and more responsive. On the freeway, when I used to hit the bumps for the underpass, that would originally almost knock out the fillings in my teeth, it is now extremely less aggressive. The same goes for “Sport” mode as well.

I also now enjoy driving very spirited through Los Angeles Forest Highway (Mountain Road) in the “Touring” mode as well, it feels much more stable and it hugs the corners with ease and a smoothness like never before.

It’s a remarkable feeling to be in-tune with the Vette and have confidence when driving twisty roads as well as having an extremely comfortable ride in both the new mode settings.

Much thanks to Jim and taking his time to take care and consider the C6’s – Thank you!