Testimonials from C6 Z06/Z07 owners:

Jeff M Z06 w/Z07

Just had the pleasure of meeting Jim Mero & having him upgrade the magnetic ride suspension on my Callaway Carbon Z07. I went with the New Tour & New Sport calibrations, and on my short 20 min drive home it honestly felt like a new & totally different car.

I may or may not have tested the new sport setting on a 35 mph on-ramp at 85 mph and the car felt like it was on rails. I’ve taken that on-ramp many times and never at more than 60 mph. It was a nice little reference point.

The service road once I exit the tollway is under construction, quite bumpy and has some undulating swells in one section. Even keeping it in sport it was night & day over the previous tour mode.

Can honestly say it’s the best $325 I’ve spent on the car, and highly recommend it.

Rich “Mink” 2011 Z06w/Z07 – Rich is one of my personal hero’s.  He was a Navy fighter pilot who took off and landed A7’s and F18’s on aircraft carriers.

The first thing I noticed is that the tramlining/wandering I had before is gone. Also, crossing all the bridge expansion joints on the way back also revealed excellent response both compression and rebound in high and slow speed suspension velocity.  The realization came when I would hear the slap of the tire hitting the expansion joint but felt nothing in the car. The car just felt better, more planted and responsive, but also supple and comfortable.  A new car!!!  Overall first impression of this build is that you hit it out of the park, tremendous improvement. Again, I am very pleased with what I felt last night on the way back, can’t emphasis that enough.  Outstanding Job

Phil C – Z06 w/Z07

Thank you so much for helping us tame our rides. Tour mode is fantastic, it rides like a new car. Super Sport is fantastic as well.  Perfect cornering but great over the bumps.

William J – 2012 Z06w/Z07

Hi Jim, I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for programming my car. I am completely astounded at the improvement in both the handling, especially over very rough roads. It feels like I got a new car. I typically never drove it in sport because it was so hard, now I drive it in sport probably more than I drive it in tour. The other thing that amazed me by just a shock upgrade was how the steering response has improved so much. I enjoyed meeting both you and Terry. Again, thank you so much for doing this for us C6 owners.

Frank T – 2013 Z06wZ07

The transformation of the car is nothing short of spectacular!  I can’t believe how much more highly enjoy driving it.  It does not beat me up anymore, yet it still has the corvette feel.  I feel so much more secure when driving on very twisty roads.  And in both modes the improvement over bumps is amazing.  Great job Jim!